Playroom Organization Brilliant Hacks and Tips

All kids love to play. Playing is actually their 1st experience of a school where they can learn a lot of things like colors and alphabets, organization, orders, sharing, shapes, and logic. Some form of early childhood education actually just let kids play inside the classroom while teachers look out for them while looking for opportunities to teach them the fundamentals of knowledge which they can relate to a specific toy. While playing is a crucial part of kids’ development, clutter or mess after playing is another thing. Clutter is somehow expected after kids’ playtime or after they get bored and tired of playing. They all just want to play and carry toys around the room and leave it anywhere when they are done with it. Organizing the things they used is sadly not a skill they can learn automatically while they’re left alone in their playrooms not unless parents intervene and teach some things about it.


Toys are created mainly for kids yet some adults are also still fond of having it. There are two main purpose that a toy is created for: to provide fun and to entice learning. Having these two objectives in mind, new age toys are created both cute and interactive. Toys nowadays are created with the safest materials and warnings to make sure that kids are safe when left alone with it and adults are informed of the “dos and donts” before giving the toy to kids.

Toy Storage Tips

1. Invest in multi functional furniture.

There are varieties of furniture available in the market that can be storage spaces as well as usable fittings for your kids’ playroom. Invest on double-duty chairs and tables with built-in storages.

2. Choose the modifiable and adult-sized shelf.

When shopping for shelves for your kids, always try to pick the adjustable and larger ones. It is wise to consider the possibility of the growing number of toys in no time. Choose the shelf that can adapt along with the quantity of your kids’ stuff.

3. Have the frequently used toys positioned on reachable places.

Put the often used toys on shelves or storage wherein your child can easily reach – low shelves or under the chair storage.

4. Uniform storage containers.

Surely, you don’t want the storage containers to look like clutters in your eyes. Picking uniformly colored or sized storage containers is another way of making your kids’ playroom look organized and neat. By doing so, you are setting a good example of organization to your little bundles of joy.

5. Make use of the wall or the door.

There are storage that can be hanged on the walls and at back of the door such as shoe organizer or mini shelves for toy cars

6. Allocate one big box for kids’ clutter.

Place one big box for your kids’ clutter and let them put their used stuff in there after playing. At the end of the day, you can sort that stuff and put them back in place. It’s a good way of discovering broken toys or busted cars that need to be repaired or get rid with.

Choosing Storage for In-Demand Toys

Lego Set

Lego set tops the chart of the must-have toys for kids likewise it is also the main clutter that you see on the playroom’s floor. This tiny sized toy is a burden for every mom that usually causes minor foot injuries when stepped on.

However, you can teach your kid to organize their lego pieces by having some open lid plastic containers with printed color names which help your kids in sorting the legos out according to colors. It’s an enjoyable way of engaging your young ones to be acquainted with colors as well as to take responsibility of their toys.

Animal Stuffed Toys

For managing stuffed toys, create a makeshift reachable animal cage and label it as “The Zoo”. Surely, your kids will have a lot of fun storing them back in place.

Dolls and Robots

Transform the wall-hanging shoe organizer into a doll and robot storage. Moreover, you can put some labels on it – doll name or owner name. It is a smart way of utilizing spaces for your kids’ playroom.

Toy Cars

Build mini shelves in your wall for your kids’ toy car collection. You can arrange them by colors too.


It is undeniable that nearly all kids love to draw and color. In fact, scribbles on walls, floors and even tables, broken crayons, and scattered drawing materials are not a surprise anymore to most parents. However, you can do some tricks which I listed below on teaching your children not to cause clutter and to use the appropriate canvass for their artworks found in their playroom.

Types of Easy-To-Store Canvass for Kids

Wall-Hanging Drawing Paper Roll

This wall hanging paper roll is ideal as drawing canvass for your little ones. Whereas, they might also think that this canvass is part of the wall. The good thing about this drawing paper roll is that you can cut it at the end of the day, roll it back and place it on a basket. You may also stick some labels such as dates and names of every rolled paper, it’s a fun way of collecting your kids’ masterpieces.

Easel with Paper Roll

If the wall-hanged paper roll is not convenient for your kids, you can have an easel topped with paper roll instead.

Art Supplies Storage Options

Door Hanging Art Supply Organizer

This transparent door hanging art supply organizer is ideal for small-spaced playrooms. But make sure that you put the sharp materials like scissors on top so your kid won’t reach it.

Plastic Jars for Colors

You can also have plastic jars as storage for crayons, colored pencils and markers.

Hang Metal Cups for Pencil Storage

This crafted hang metals cups are ideal as pencil and pen storage.

Plastic Jars for Play Dough and Tools

Organize Play-Dohs and tools by putting them inside covered transparent plastic containers.

Book Caddy

Book Caddy is perfect for organizing your kids’ coloring and story books.

Dish Racks for Books

If you find book caddy costly, you can always go for dish racks as book organizers.