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Simple Suggestions To Get By Challenging Newborn Care

For the moms out there, having your very first baby is probably one of the best things that could happen in your life and everyone can agree with me on that. Babies are such a blessing that it brings families together and always create a happy environment whenever these little bundles of joy are around.

However, the insurmountable joy and fulfillment babies give to us also equates to the tremendous challenges of raising them and keeping them safe and healthy while they’re growing. Newborn management is almost like a being in a bloody battle 24/7. Taking care of newborn baby is a profession. If you’re not prepared, then you’ll probably end up always exhausted, frustrated, and worse, broke.

So, for new and expecting moms out there, here are some tips to survive the upcoming battle of rearing your precious 1st born children.


Newborn babies can easily outgrow their clothes. For first time moms like me, undeniably, it is an enjoyment to buy a lot of clothing supplies of different colors for our babies, however practicality wise, there is actually no need to buy a lot for newborns.

In my case, I bought a lot of clothes for my baby and even costumes too, but as days passed, she outgrew most of it and worse, some are still new and were never used even once. Certainly, I learned my lesson the hard way. Not only that I spent a great deal of money, most of the time beyond the planned budget, I am also having challenges now in terms of storage.

For new and expecting moms, always keep in mind to choose quality over style. Newborn’s skin is so delicate and sensitive. They can easily get rashes and allergies from coarse fabric. At all times, invest on hypoallergenic and soft material to avoid the mentioned skin problems.

Here are some tips for you in buying garments for the early days with your baby.

4-8 onesies (mix of short-sleeve and long-sleeve)
• 3-5 nightgowns (wear until the cord falls off)
• 3-5 one-piece stretchy sleepers
• 4-6 undershirts
• 4-6 pajamas
• 3-5 newborn hats
• 7 pairs of booties
• 7 pairs of no-scratch mittens
• 2 front buttoned cardigans or sweater
• bunting bag or fleece suit for winter baby
• 2 receiving blankets
• 3-5 soft bibs
• 8-10 cotton-made burp cloths



Co-sleeping with your newborn in your bed is basically not a good idea. It can increase the chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). However, just like me, new moms always want to check, hold, caress, look and get close to their newborns. Thankfully, co-sleeping cots exist. With this tiny crib that can be attached to your bed, you can constantly check on your baby without putting too much effort on standing up and be worried of SIDS.

In choosing a cot, make sure that its sturdy and bars should be smooth and securely attached. Also, the mattress must fit tightly with the structure leaving no space for the baby body parts to get trap.


Anyways, for the other moms who are hesitant to co-sleep with their babies, you can always buy a crib for your little ones.

Co-Sleeping Cot or Crib Essentials:

• 1-3 washable mattress pads
• 3-5 fitted crib sheets


For newborn blankets, it is always advisable to get a soft, hypoallergenic, breathable and light-weighted fabric. Always ensure both safety and comfort in picking blankets for your baby. You’ll need at least 4 blankets for your newborn.


Swaddle blanket is one of the most important sleeping essentials for newborns. Swaddling gives a cocoon effect to babies which bear a resemblance to the mother’s womb and it helps appease your newborn to sleep.

Moreover, swaddling will not just keep your baby warm and relaxed but also it can aid longer sleep by preventing your little ones from startling themselves.

For choosing swaddle blankets, make sure that the material is breathable and cotton-made. You can have 2-3 swaddle blankets for your baby.



If you plan to breastfeed your little one, you don’t really need any gear. But there are some stuff you may want to have to give you comfort while feeding your baby.

• Adjustable Nursing Pillow

• Nursing Cover

• Breast Pump
• Milk Storage Containers
• Nursing Bras
• Breast Pads
• Cream For Sore And Aching Nipples


On the other hand, if you’re opting for or advised to do formula feeding, always keep these items in sight:
• milk formula
• 2-3 four-ounce bottles with nipples
• 2-3 eight-ounce bottles with nipples
• bottle brush
• nipple brush
• thermal bottle carrier
• bottle and nipple sterilizer


Changing diapers is one of the most challenging things a parent should do in the early days of a baby. You have to keep-track of the hours and you have to make sure that your baby’s bottom is always clean.

More than that, diapers are also one of the products that can cause rashes and skin redness on your baby. So before hoarding a particular brand, I suggest you first do rash tests with the famous brands and select the brand which your baby’s skin does not react to.

If you are planning to go with the organic and natural cloth diapers, here are some things that you’ll need to have:
• 5-6 dozen or cloth diapers
• bin for used cloth diapers
• sealed storage for unused ones
• changing mat or cot-top changer
• hypoallergenic and unscented disposable baby wipes or lots of washcloths
• baby cream for rash prevention
If you are planning to use disposable diapers:
• newborn-size diapers
• bin for used diapers
• changing mat or cot-top changer
• hypoallergenic and unscented disposable baby wipes or lots of washcloths
• baby cream for rash prevention


Bath time is one of the most enjoyable activities for mom and their babies. Make sure to engage in some “chit-chats” with your little one while giving him a quick warm bath.
• plastic baby tub
• infant bath support
• soft-hooded baby towels
• non-slip pad or rubber mat
• unscented baby cleanser
• soft-bristled baby hair brush
• cottons or bathing washcloths


For pediatrician visits and travel, you’ll need the listed items below. Some are optional.

• infant safety car seat
• sun-blinds for cars
• reclining stroller
• baby carrier or sling
• cot carriers
• diaper bag
• thermal bag for feeding bottles
• parasol
• raincover

Other Necessities:

• baby nail clippers
• pacifier
• baby thermometer
• first aid kit
• bulb syringe for baby’s colds
• eye-dropper
• medication for fever
• disinfectant sprays
• disinfectant alcohol
• plug socket covers
• furniture corner protectors