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Regaining Confidence and Old Self: New Moms’ Guide to Working Out

As a new and first time mom, I always a find it depressing to stand in a weighing scale and see my current weight. Silly as it sounds, but these new numbers on the weighing scale make me want to cry almost all the time.

I find it hard getting back to my pre-baby weight. I tried eating less and got myself busy with household chores however, I still didn’t lose even just a few. It’s a heavy burden for me to keep on trying my old clothes knowing that they still won’t fit in my fat body. Slapped by the sad and tragic reality yet I am hoping that one day they will.

Losing weight after childbirth is very tough. I am sure a lot of new moms feel the same pain and experience the same struggle. We are often told, “It is alright, you look fine, eventually you will get used to your new body shape.”, but hey it is not okay. We get it, our babies are one of the greatest blessings, but deep inside us, we still want our old figure. We aspired to be one of the hot and fresh-looking mommas like we were used to be.

A lot of women like me have this perception that we must do certain sacrifices for our families in order to be an excellent wife and mother. When we encounter a grueling clash between fulfilling their endless demands and taking care of ourselves, they always come first – unconsciously forgetting our own needs.

If sticking with an everyday workout program can be an endeavor for everybody, what is it more for moms who can’t even have a quality relaxing shower every single day? Definitely, it is quite impossible.

Exercise is not also not just about losing weight and getting sexy, it is also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For moms like me, we are prohibited to be sick or be weak. The level of demand for our unconditional service is so high that people expect us to be “supermoms” and being a supermom means one must need to be the healthiest person in the planet.

Good thing is, there are easy exercises which both the mommies and babies can enjoy. Step by step, every new mom can do these set of simple routine without even leaving her baby. Gradually, you will be surprised on how these brilliant exercises help you in getting back to your old acceptable shape. Moreover, you will be astonished on how your baby cooperates with you while doing your routine.


Walking is the simplest and cheapest approach to start getting back to shape. In fact, walking is the only exercise that a new mom can do few days after giving birth. Fasten your baby into the stroller or a front carrier and ambulate yourself by taking a long walk at least once a day.


Dancing with your baby will benefit you and your little one because aside from breaking a sweat, we all know that babies love to be danced at most times.

Dancing doesn’t only heighten your mood, promote balance and synchronization; it is also a cardiovascular exercise that engages all the major muscles in your body.

For safety measures, use a front carrier, keep him close and ensure to support your baby’s head in doing so. Also, be careful when turning and bouncing. On the other hand, you can place your baby in a rocker or bouncy seat in front of you and let him/her watch you do the moves.

You can start with slow music then gradually change it to moderate to keep your heart pace elevated. Make hefty movements and you can sing along with the songs too.


Walking Lunges is an easy workout that you can surely do with your baby instead of dumbbells. Hold your baby comfortably or put him/her in a stroller in front of you.

Restrain a good body posture and look straight ahead. Let you right leg make a large step onward and bend both knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Rest your front knee over your ankle as your hell-lifted back knee bends to the ground. Do the same with the opposite leg, and go over alternately.

The walking lunges routine is good for every new mom out there because it strengthens your hips and thighs, and shapes your legs. It gives the endurance that each mom needs to survive a busy and frantic life.


Place a yoga mat in the floor and lie on it with your face up. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the mat. Have your baby placed in a seated pose just on top of your pubic bone. Guarantee his/her safety by holding your baby under his arms with your fingers enfolded at ease on his torso.

Begin the exercise by slowly lifting your upper body, leaning towards your baby. Repeat the process as often as you can do it and always breathe out through your mouth as you bend up. Likewise, try to talk to your baby during the whole process and try to make your little one enjoy the whole duration of curling up.

Curl ups fortifies the core muscles which assist in sustaining your lower back. It is certainly great for new moms who have aching backs due to numerous baby carrying.


With your baby sitting in front of you, lie on your stomach, facing towards your precious one. Bend your legs in a 90 degree angle and place your chin on your hands. Keeping your feet bended, slowly lift your knees off the ground. Wring your legs together as you thrust your feet in an upward direction. Try to hold your pose for about 20 seconds and return to rest. Repeat the process 3-5 times.

Tush tightener workout helps shape your butt, strengthens you thighs and hamstrings.


Place your baby on a baby carrier in front of you, feet just past your shoulders, toes crooked forward slightly. Breathe in and lower your body down to sit in the air resting your weight on your heels. Exhale and restart.

By doing the front squats, you can boost your core strength and improve your flexibility. This routine will help you promote powerful thighs, compact abdominal muscles and strong lower back. Try to have this routine for three sets of 12.


Let your baby sit in front of you as you lay on your stomach facing your little one. Spread both of your arms side wards and keep your legs wider than hip-width separately on the ground with toes pointed out. Afterwards, lift your arms, chest and legs up off the ground all together. Hold your arms and legs as straight as possible. Stay on the position for 10 seconds and bit by bit return to start. Have 10 repetitions for this workout.

The core plank is one of the finest exercises for conditioning but it also works your glutes and hamstrings, supports correct posture, and promotes balance.


Lie on your back and place your baby beside you. Rest your arms at your sides and squeeze your feet then extend your legs up high. Keep the moves little by little and be certain to keep your navel pulled in to the ground.

This simple exercise promotes stability and strength on your thighs, abs and hips.


Sit on the ground with your baby and have your knees bent with your hands behind your hips and your fingers facing forward. Lift slowly your behind and keep your arms straight. As you breathe in, settle your shoulders reverse and bend your elbows, bringing your top body down to the .Exhale as you gradually go back to start.

Triceps tightener tones up your arms and increases your strength.

Some things to remember:

1. Consult with your physician.

Not all new moms can quickly heal and recover from giving birth especially with those who undergone Caesarean operation. Have a talk with your doctor and ask for recommendation if it is okay for you to do simple workouts.

2. Find activities that suit you and your baby’s timetable.

As early as four months, your baby will have his/her everyday routine and sleeping pattern, and as a mom, it is expected that you’ll be able to cope up with your baby’s schedule. Make sure to find a time that suits you both in doing such activities. If you feel like doing it on your own, make sure that your baby is busy with his/her own stuff and always have someone to keep an eye on your little one.

3. Support your body parts.

Wear a sports bra that fits your present breast size while doing exercises. It may soothe you and help you feel relaxed in doing your routines. Without breast support, you may find bouncing activities painful and unbearable.

Have your upper body supported by a posture corrector or brace while doing your workout. Posture corrector or braces can address new moms’ meager control in the mid to upper back regions, the lower back and shoulders during the initial period when you have no or diminutive postural alertness which you usually get from holding your baby over a long duration. Wearing the said support for a few hours a day can help your body to be aware of the right and good posture.

Find a pair of sporty shoes that fit your feet comfortably. It will help you regain your balance and will make easy for you to move on with your routine.




4. Diet is not a solution.

Getting back in shape doesn’t always need dieting, instead, focus in exercising more. You don’t have to cut your calorie intake especially when you’re breastfeeding your baby. You have to eat healthy and nutritious meals to fuel your energy and keep you alert throughout the day.

5. Plan your routine phases.

Make some planning on your daily exercise routine. Start slowly and don’t shock your body with intense workouts. Your body will acquire some time to recuperate after the baby, and your joints may still be unsteady for months after giving birth. Have some gradual steps to follow and always keep in track with your body’s capability. It will surely take a lot of time; you may need to ease yourself in with “baby steps” and before you know it, you can jump back to your old routine. The most vital thing to do when trying to get back in shape after pregnancy is to take things slowly.

6. Don’t thrash yourself up.

It is truly unfair that some of the new moms can easily get their pre-baby weight back faster than others while most of us are stuck with unwanted fats. However, don’t be hard on yourself by eating less and exercising immensely. Instead of beating yourself up and comparing your situation with the gifted ones, make it as an aspiration and do your best for you.

7. Look for a support system.

Dealing with the everyday errands and responsibilities of family, work and life can be devastating and upsetting at times, but you’re not alone. Certainly, a lot of moms can actually sympathize with you. Make some friends with the other new moms in your neighborhood and let them engage with your goal of getting back into shape. It is always fun to do exercises with a support system.

8. Be a role model to your family.

The rise in percentage of childhood obesity and other related health problems is quite distressing nowadays. Conversely, fit mothers offer the remedy to the said tribulations by becoming positive role models to their children. Surely, your kids with look up to you and your healthy lifestyle.