Restaurant Review

The Hinds Head, Bray [Restaurant Review]

We’ve been indulging in lots of rich and scrumptious food last week because Bryan, was around. When the four of us are together, it’s all about eating – non-stop eating. We went to the Hinds Head, which is owned by Heston Blumenthal whom also owns the 3 Michelin starred Fat Duck restaurant. It was one of the best if not, the best restaurant that I have been to. Everything was cooked to perfection. We had a 3-course meal each – ordered everything different as usual so we could try almost everything on the menu.

For starters, we had potted shrimps, terrine and pea and ham soup. I was a bit skeptical about the potted shrimps at first as I wasn’t too keen on peeling little prawns. To our surprise, the potted shrimps actually came in a mousse form and it was really really good – my favourite. The pea and ham soup was light and frothy, very flavourful. The terrine was very tasty and has chunks of foie gras embedded.

I had the Lancashire hotpot, which is essentially a lamb stew was absolutely divine. The hotpot was served with a raw oyster on top. By the time it arrived at my table, the oyster was half cooked and was definitely the highlight of the dish. It melts in your mouth and the combination of oyster and the lamb stew was awesome. Jeff’s 8oz rump steak with bone marrow sauce was really good. One of the best steaks I had, very tender, well cooked and nicely seasoned. Slow cooked beef and pork collar were the specials of the day and they were great. Very tender and flavourful.

The desserts especially the quaking pudding (wobbly baked cream) and chocolate tart are to die for. Enjoyed the meal very much and am looking forward to another meal there. If not – the Fat Duck!

The Hinds Head
High Street, Bray Berks, SL6 2AB, UK
01628 626151