Kids Motherhood Recipe

5 Nutritious And Easy To Make Freezable Toddler Meals

Toddlers, just like most of mothers’ experience, are very picky when it comes to the food they eat. They have all the reasons they could think of just to spit out the food they do not want to eat, especially the healthy ones. Most of the time, every meal ends up in grueling battle chase between the kids and the one feeding them, adults may outrun them but they have the stamina to last. In order for us parents to make sure that they get the nutrition that they need, we are forced to do anything—from play tactics up to experimenting recipes that deceive their taste buds.

Speaking of the latter, many recipes are now being developed that supposedly target our spoiled but loved children. These food recipes not only are appealing to the toddlers’ eyes, they also smell good and packed with the needed nutrients as well as they can be store in your fridge. Our kids will surely love these meals and there’s no need for us parents to engage into race with them around the house.


Serving Size: 12

The great thing about meatballs is every kids love to eat them! Moreover you can do a lot of variations in the recipes.

• 1 pound sausage
• 1 jar (24 ounce) marinara sauce
• ¼ – ½ cup of cornmeal
• ¼ cup of Parmesan (grated)
• 1 whole egg
• 1 teaspoon of parsley (dried or fresh)
1. Preheat oven to 375 Fahrenheit.
2. In a medium bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix well.
3. Shape the meatballs for about 2-inch small.
4. Place the shaped meatballs on a foil-lines tray.
5. Put in the oven and bake for about 20 minutes.
6. When cooked, drain them on a paper towel-line platter.
7. Meanwhile, in a medium-sized pot, pour the marinara sauce and bring it to a low simmer.
8. Add meatballs onto the simmering marinara.
9. Keep warm until dinner time.


Serving Size: 40

The Spinach Gnocchi is ideal for toddlers who still don’t have teeth because this recipe is supple enough for their little kids to gum.

• 10 ounces of frozen spinach (in blocks)
• 2/3 cup of grated parmesan cheese
• 2 tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese (for sprinkles)
• 2 tablespoons of flour
• 1 cup of whole milk ricotta cheese
• 1 egg yolk
1. Defrost manually or with a microwave the block of frozen spinach.
2. Take small handfuls and squeeze all of the liquid out of the spinach.
3. In a food processor, put all of the ingredients except the parmesan for sprinkling, and pulse. Make sure the ingredients are meticulously combined.
4. Pour some flour in your hands before forming the mixture.
5. Get 1 teaspoon of the mixture and roll into small balls.
• You can place the balls into sheet trat and freeze for about 30 minutes. After then, transfer the frozen balls to a Ziploc bag and you can freeze them up to four months.
• Make sure to thaw the frozen gnocchi to room temperature before cooking.
6. Place the formed balls of spinach gnocchi on a parchment-covered plate.
7. On the other hand, in a large pot, pour some water and bring it to boil.
8. Add the spinach gnocchi to boiling water in batches and cook for 3 minutes.
9. Sprinkle with the grated parmesan cheese and let it cool before serving.


These delicious Veggie Fritters will surely be enjoyed by your little ones. Its healthy and nutritious, it’s a clever way of giving lots of vegetables variety to your toddlers without them knowing.

• ¼ cup of flour
• ¼ cup of cheese (grated)
• ¼ cup of finely chopped of grated vegetables (carrot, zucchini, corn, silverbeet, potato, etc)
• 1 whole egg
• 2 tablespoons of milk
• butter or oil
1. In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, egg and milk then beat together until the batter becomes thick.
2. Pour the veggies and cheese to the batter and blend well.
3. In a fry pan, heat the oil or butter.
4. Pour about a tablespoon of fritter mixture into heated pan.
5. When bubbles appear on top, flip over fritters until bottom is golden in color.


Chicken nuggets are commonly loved food by kids and making these is a great way for you to make sure that they’re made with quality ingredients.

• 500 grams of diced chicken breast
• 1 ½ cups of lite mayonnaise
• 2 tablespoons of melted butter
• 2 cups of breadcrumbs
1. Preheat oven to 200°C.
2. Place a baking paper in the baking tray. Set aside.
3. Coat the chicken portions into mayonnaise. Then toss breadcrumbs into it.
4. Place the coated and tossed chicken pieces into tray and drizzle them with olive oil.
5. Put the baking tray to the oven and bake for 20 minutes. Make sure to flip over the nuggets after 10 minutes.
6. Serve with homemade sauce or mayonnaise.


It’s always good to offer new recipes for you toddlers for them to explore different tastes. If you have a left-over chicken from you last meal, try to use them in making Mexican Muffins.

• ½ cup of diced and cooked chicken
• 1/3 cup of whole wheat flour
• 1/3 cup of all purpose flour
• 2 teaspoons of baking powder
• ¼ teaspoon of onion powder
• ¼ teaspoon of garlic powder
• ¼ teaspoon of kosher salt
• ¼ teaspoon of cumin
• 1 large whisked egg
• 1/3 cup of milk
• 1/4 cup corn kernels
• ½ teaspoon honey
• 1 tablespoon of tomato paste
• 1/3 cup of blended mexican cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, monterrey jack)
1. Preheat oven to 375 Fahrenheit.
2. In a large bowl, combine the whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, baking powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin and salt, then whisk together.
3. Is a separate bowl, pour the egg, tomato paste, milk, cheese, honey and corn, beat the mixture.
4. Mix together the wet mixture and dry ingredients until well combined.
5. Slowly fold in the diced chicken pieces into the batter.
6. Pour the well-mixed batter into a greased muffin tin.
7. Put the muffin tin to the oven and bake for 15 minutes.
8. Serve the muffins warm or at room temperature.