Effective Hair Care Guidelines And Tips

Human beings always treated their hair as their natural crowning glory. We can’t help it, we are sentient living organisms standing upright with our heads as the highlight or our physique.

Not all hairs are created equal just like not all humans created equal. For the most part, the default form of every hair describes the gender, the ethnicity, the lifestyle, and the age of a specific person. Our hair is one of the identifying features of who we are. Aside from its default form and style, hair is very flexible and one of the body parts that is subjected to styling, fashion and sometimes art. Nowadays, there is no stopping as to what people wants to do with their hair. Different cuts, different length, different styles, and different color. The human intervention and mechanical transformation add to the uniqueness of every person’s hair, increasing the diversity of people in a global society.

Because of the things we do to our hair, sometimes, without us consciously knowing, we are subjecting our hair to tremendous stress and poison. Due to this negligence, hundreds of hair products were created and advertised to take advantage of the situation. I am not saying that these hair products are just for the profit since a select few are proven to provide legitimate help in taking care and protecting our hair. Protected and healthy hair is always a great hair and a great hair is very bankable. People who take care of their hair usually succeeds with their interpersonal endeavors because great hair helps create best impressions.

There are a lot of ways that we can do to maintain the health and glow of our hair. Some can be done naturally and some may need the aid of accessories and synthetic products. If you are to opt in using such products, the next question is how much of it is the right amount for you. Application of products or usage of such greatly varies from person to person, from hair to hair. The scary thing is that if you apply something to your hair and something goes wrong, the results could be so obvious and may be irreversible.

So to make sure that you won’t suffer the consequences of a fall hair experiment. To make sure that you achieve the hair that you have always wanted. Then, we have some of the best tips for all of you guys out there. These tips start from proper care down to proper usage and application of hair products. But before you get down to the tips, I suggest that you do a quick assessment of your own hair first. Know what the prevailing qualities of your hair are. Is it dyed or natural? Is it straight or curly or wavy? Is it dry or oily? Is it long or short? Answering these basic question gives you the correct category of your hair. The categorization of hair is very important since the care techniques and the products to be applied varies per category.

Are you done with your preliminary hair assessment? If yes, then enjoy the tips below.

  1. Hair Washing

It is a normal feeling to long for a clean and fresh smelling hair. However, everyday washing of your tresses is not a good thing to do according to hair experts. Taking an alternate day hiatus to wash your hair is the best way for hair care effectively. By doing a maximum of three washes per week, you allow the imperative roles of the natural oils excreted by the scalp to condition and protect your mane.

  1. Hair Shampooing

Like mentioned above, daily washing of your hair (and that includes shampooing) is not advisable.  Regular application of shampoo will strip the natural oils away from your tresses, however, that doesn’t mean that your hair doesn’t need shampoo at all. These natural oils tend to over-produced when not attended. Ideally, to keep the balance of freshness and wellness in your hair, you can use a shampoo that is not harsh on your locks for two to three times a week.

How to choose the right shampoo?

There is a wide selection of shampoos available everywhere. Some of us tend to explore and try it all out of curiosity. Yet, choosing the right shampoo highly depends on your hair type.

Normal Hair

Some people are gifted with naturally healthy, well-nourished and gorgeous hair. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those people, a shampoo with a fair ratio of conditioning and cleansing agents will work perfectly for your tresses.

Curly and Frizzy Hair

On the other hand, if you have a curly and frizzy mane, you may need to have a shampoo infused with high levels of conditioning properties to provide enough moisture to your hair and to achieve smoothness throughout the ends.

Oily Hair

One of the problems of some people with oily hair is the chance of intense buildup of dirt, dandruff, and grease on their scalps. To eliminate such, a shampoo with a clarifying formula is highly recommended to break down stubborn and unwanted piles.

Dry and Damaged Hair

A dry and damaged hair is a result of less production of natural oils or excessive chemical treatments. For hair types like these, a shampoo loaded with intense moisturizing formula is perfectly suitable.


Another important thing to put in mind when applying shampoo is directly applying the formula to your scalp skipping the ends. Also, the volume of shampoo that you should use will depend on the thickness and length of your hair.

On the other hand, choosing the right conditioner for you is also as tricky as the right shampoo. Sometimes, applying conditioner is more important than applying shampoo especially if you are having hair problems. You need to carefully choose the right and quality conditioner and/or leave-on treatments for your hair especially if your hair is dyed. Unlike shampoos, when lathering conditioner to your hair, avoid the roots and concentrate more on the ends.

  1. Hair Drying

Hair drying can be done in two ways; either naturally or with the aid of hair dying tools. A common mistake often done by people with hectic schedules is the excessive use of hand held blow dryers. Doing such is perfectly fine if you have great healthy tresses, however, if you have the not-so-good hair type, drying using blower will only add more stress onto your mane.

There are two type of hair dryer – the handheld hair dryer and the sit under hair dryer. What makes the handheld hair dryer inappropriate for effective hair care especially on unhealthy locks is its direct heat exposure which most of the time gets immensely hot. Although it is indeed a very effective way to make your hair instantly dry up, however, doing such excessively may result to further damage. The direct intense heat exposure of blow drying sucks up the natural shine of your tresses. The intense heat will strip off the hair’s natural oil layer and worse, it can burn the scalp and the hair when the tool is accidentally placed closer to the head.

Unlike the handheld hair blow dryer, the sit under hair dryer (also known as hooded hair dryer and bonnet dryer) has a certain angle between the heat and the hair. It soothingly circulates warm air rather than flashing a jet of extreme heat out of a nozzle, making it less damaging and highly recommendable. Using the sit under hair dryer in drying your hair may take a longer time to finish compared to that of a handheld one but along the process, you will be having less worry on the heat exposure. Another useful benefit of sit under dryers is its ability to aid faster nutrient and treatment absorption of the hair coming from conditioners and leave-on treatments. Faster absorption of treatments means the better effectiveness of whatever the treatment is for.

Undoubtedly, blow dryers are way cheaper that the hooded hair dryers but sit under hair dryer is a quite reasonable investment.

  1. Hair Combing and Brushing

Healthy and nourished hair calls for constant brushing and untangling. For wet hairs, use only the comb and gently manage your hair tangles. It is vital to keep both your hair brush and comb clean at all times.

  1. Hair Treatments

Be mindful in choosing the right hair treatment for your beloved tresses. Treatments will certainly add glamor and beauty to your hair but not all treatments can make your hair healthy and fine all the time.

If you’re opting for a treatment that promotes healthy hair growth then you should go for Hair Spa Treatment. This therapy is basically a procedure that aids you in achieving and maintaining a bouncy strong and shiny mane. A rehydrating hair spa treatment helps normalize oil secretions, increases metabolism of the hair cells, gets rid of the pores’ impurities, repairs brittles while strengthens hair follicles, nurtures the roots and invigorates the scalp.

  1. Other Hair Essentials

Invest in castor oil, dry shampoo and other types of natural hair oil products. They can help you keep your hair protected from the heat of the sun and other factors that may cause gradual hair damage.