Easy Decorations for Kids’ Birthday Parties

The very obvious difference of a kid’s birthday party from the rest of birthday parties is the way it is decorated. A kid’s birthday party is also considered as other kids’ opportunity to enjoy and play. Because other kids are expecting to have a great time during their friend’s birthday, the venue must be transformed into something like a playroom or a fantasy land. However, not all families can afford to have a grand themed birthday parties for their little ones. Most parents worry more on the food that they need to prepare rather than spend time and money for the decorations. Though parents know that the decorations play an important part to make the party a complete and enjoyable one, most of the time, the preparation for the decorations comes last and the least prioritized.

The truth is, decorating a kid’s birthday is really not that difficult as long as you know the basics. Not all kids want themed birthday parties, all they want is that all their friends will have a great time eating and playing. Given this, once you have the “essentials”, which by the way are cheap and are readily available, your birthday plans for your kid would always end up a successful one.


Of all the birthday parties that I have been to, the most common decoration that is always present is the balloons.

Balloons are cheap, flexible, colorful and have a lot of varieties which make it more appealing to most kids. Even a non-skilled person can create a fancy décor out of balloons. Definitely, you can never go wrong with this decoration.

The good thing about balloons is how you can innovate out from it that can be made as a decorative material. You can shape them into animals, plants, buildings, iconic characters or even human forms. You can have them in groups, place them on every space possible, print letters as well as images on them, mix them with crafts and all other things that you can think of decorating it. Moreover, balloon shape is not limited to circle, there are number forms, animal forms, cartoon characters, etcetera.

Without any doubts, you can transform your place in a fabulous birthday party venue without costing you a fortune.


Another set of handmade decors which you can definitely make are the pompoms and pomwheels. These crafty paper decors are great alternative for balloons however, no one is stopping you in having the best of both worlds.

Pompoms and pomwheels can be excellent décors for ceilings, walls and table centers. Just like balloons, these decors come in different colors and materials. Likewise, you can be extremely creative too in making these ingenious party decorations.

Pompoms are also great decoration for a little girl’s birthday party since most of them dream to become a cheerleader when they grow up. The decorations will give them the idea that you, as parents, will support them to be part of a social and active group when they reach the right age.

Floral Pompom Tutorial

1. Fold up 8 to 10 layers of tissue or crepe paper, lengthwise.
2. Cut the both ends of the tissue paper in a curve form using sharp scissors.
3. Join the center of the tissue paper with florist wire.
4. Tie a ribbon onto the wire so the finished pom-pom can be suspended. Keep the middle of the tissue paper tight.
5. Softly pull apart layers of tissue and fluff them to shape into a sphere.




Birthday banners are one of the decorations that you can hang with a string or attach using adhesives unto your wall. You can cut out letters from printed materials, find templates that you can use over the internet, or you can browse through your magazines and if you find an interesting font, you can enlarge those and have them printed. If you have a great penmanship, you can also just write the words yourself.

In making birthday banners, you need to make sure that the words are not only pleasant to your guests but also readable from afar. Moreover, you can add some decorations on the sides to add charms to the banners.


You can make your own customized cupcake toppers with the help of lollipop sticks, art papers and printed photos of the guest of honor.

Just cut out snaps of the celebrant’s face showcasing diverse expressions, attach an adorable little party hats for each, and fasten them on sticks.

This décor will surely wow your guests and make them want to try making one too!


Make use of the leftover cupcake liners and transform those into a birthday garland décor. This is an innovative way of utilizing your spare cupcake liners into a creative and fun creation. Simply string the liner pieces together to make a festive garland.


Allocate one table for edible decorations such as candies, gums, cake pops and lollypops. Certainly, kids will make countless of trips to the sweet decorated table. Obviously, kids prefer to have these kinds of food especially when they are already engaged into playing with the other little guests.


Get rid of the plain white utensils and invest on the colored ones to enhance the children’s appetite. They’re appealing and definitely trendy for kids. Always choose the color according to the theme.


Another way to catch the kids’ attention is to have a colorful drink choice. Kids love to explore new flavors, prepare at least three different flavors for your drinks and have them placed on transparent containers or mason jars.


Transform the paper napkins into entertaining shapes and have them in different colors. This will not just turn your party tables into part of the decorations, it will also entice the kids to stay put in their seats to wait for their food. Different colors make the party even livelier and kid-friendly. The formed shapes or things entices children to learn how to do it and appreciate art.