The Man’s Best Friend: Five Dog Breeds For Kids

There’s a common saying in the pet world that goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend”. This quote had been proven countless times throughout history as dogs continuously show loyalty and bravery for their owners. Dogs which proved their worth to their owners not only became a domesticated animal with a purpose but also became a family, receiving the same love and respect just like a human member has.

When humans started to love dogs more than just an animal companion, a lot of conceptions and assumptions were created on how to treat and handle them. At first, people were still giving emphasis on the potential danger and betrayal which the dog may commit to their owners. Also, there were a lot of health concerns and warnings that were publicized—potential diseases or parasites that one might get when they get to close with their furry friends. These assumptions dictated most of the people’s treatment towards dogs for the longest time and some of these were a little inappropriate.

Nowadays, the world already learned a lot about dogs and the real impact they can do to humans. Fortunately, the new notions debunk most of the bad ones that were set in the past. Dogs are not by default savages and carry deadly diseases that may directly be passed on to humans. If dogs are treated fairly and appropriately, they become the ultimate pet which all humans get from them are benefits and a lifetime worth of love and affection.

Today’s post are all about the benefits we can get if we expose our kids to dogs and the ideal dog breeds for them. From this point we can already say, that we promote close interaction between kids and dogs. This recommendation is backed up with results from recent studies which tell us that there are a lot of good things kid can develop when they spend their childhood with a pawed buddy. Aside from the possible traits gained from having a dog, we also feature a few of the best breeds that you can introduce to your growing bundles of joy. Enough of the introduction and let us get on with the fun facts.


1. Compassionate

Studies showed that kids who owned dogs were more kindhearted and concerned towards others. They are more likely to show affection and empathy.

2. Confident

Children with pets discover self-confidence at their young age. Living with dogs will require kids to believe in themselves and have the confidence to lead and exert authority with just reasons.

3. Responsible

Having a dog is a great responsibility to start with, and kids who are able to have one are given opportunities of being in charge with it.

4. Better Cognitive Skills

Research has suggested that kids who converse to dogs show enhanced cognitive growth.

5. Happier

Being with a dog and playing with them raises levels of happiness. It greatly influences you and your kid’s moods in a positive way.

6. Less Stress

By simply petting a dog, the cortisol level decreases. Nonetheless, having a dog will give you comfort in all things.

7. Healthier

A dog is very beneficial to your kid’s health. It can make your kid dynamic and lively. On the other hand, dog also decreases the chance of developing allergies.



Given the fact that Bulldogs are very even-tempered dogs make them an excellent pet for youngsters. Notwithstanding, from being known as man’s best friend, Bulldogs can be kids’ best friend too! They are blissful, submissive, relaxed and very fond of kids.

A kid can have plenty of mood swings and that’s what makes the Bulldogs good for them. That is because Bulldogs are very sensitive to the owner’s moods. They will be thrilled when you’re happy and sympathetic when you’re sad. Despite of its fearsome physique, Bulldogs are tender sweethearts. In fact, they’re known for their capability to build strong bonds with kids.

This type of breed is also great as guard dogs. They are brave, aware of their own force and will defend their owners if threatened.


Newfoundland, also well-known as Newfie, is an extremely large breed that has a sweet temperament which makes them magnificent dogs for youngsters.

Newfies are social dogs which enthusiastically greet family and even strangers. They are one of the most intellectual breeds amongst dogs, so obedience won’t be a problem for parents. Additionally, this good natured breed bonds right away with its kin and loves to be around with kids.


One of the Boxers’ most known distinctive traits is its love and affection for kids. With children around, Boxer is cheerful, playful, and lenient and love to be caressed.

Despite of their sturdy body built and tough features, they are very people-oriented and friendly to strangers. Aggression in Boxers only occurs when they’re defending their pack and home.


Resembling the famous character Snoopy, the Beagle, a floppy-eared dog, is one of the most loved dogs by children.

Beagles are generally sweet, engaging, calm, affectionate and blissful to be around with kids. The only setback to owning this type of breed is their love for food. They have great sense of smell and might want to join you and your kids in every meal. However, you can always install discipline to your kids and teach them not to give their food to pet.

On the other hand, flying dog hairs won’t be a problem for parents since Beagles are average shedder. Games and small walks are perfect for this type of breed – an encouragement for your kids to be dynamic as well.


Golden Retrievers are docile, kind, affectionate, smart, keen to please, receptive and an exceptionally patient breed which makes them superb with children.

Apart from its massive body structure, these dogs retain their puppy attributes making them a favorite for children who are always ready to play.


The extremely charming, cheerful, vigorous and and fluffy Bitchon Frise will surely brighten up your kids’ day. Unlike other dog breeds, Bichon is an indoor dog that requires only a little amount of time for outdoor walking.

However, if you’re planning to own a Bichon Frise for your child, bear in mind that having a Bichon can be a bit costly. They require constant bathing and grooming because of their double-coated fur but the complete lack of shedding trait and lovable nature of this dog make it an excellent pet for families with children.

Aside from being an ideal pet to children, they are also amicable towards pets, other dogs and strangers.