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Dim Sum @ Pearl Liang [Restaurant Review]

Reviewed by The Wild Boar

I had visited Pearl Liang for dinner before and found in general that it served pretty good food albeit at higher than average prices. Helen in particular is a keen fan of this place and Urbanspoon has a fair number of positive reviews from other bloggers.

Unfortunately, at the time of eating both my brother and I had contracted a stomach bug and I actually had to make a pit stop in a random petrol station to throw up. Not very pleasant but I’ve had practice from my time in medical school. Anyway, I didn’t have the greatest of appetites so we ordered a lot less than usual.

Char siew sou – baked Cantonese style pork buns –叉燒酥 – really good filling, nice and sweet, meat had some gristle in mine though. The pastry was quite light and not too buttery.

pearl liang dim sum 01

Char siew pau – steamed Cantonese style pork buns –叉燒包 – same filling as the baked version. Bun itself is light and fluffy and lacked the alkaline taste that some others have. It was a bit chewy though.

pearl liang dim sum 08

Lo bak ko – fried turnip cake – 蘿蔔糕 – one of the better ones I’ve had, not as mushy as Yum Cha’s. Not bad at all.

pearl liang dim sum 02

Char siew in rice noodle rolls – the cheung fun itself was ok, but the inside filling was a bit dull and lacked enough taste. Disappointing.

pearl liang dim sum 03

Har gow – steamed prawns in dumpling – 虾饺 – received vote of approval from mum, and I thought they were pretty good too.

pearl liang dim sum 04

Siew mai – steamed minced pork and prawn dumpling – 烧卖 – I thought the meat was a bit chewy although it was flavoured well. I have to agree with Kang’s comment that it was “more porky than prawny” though.

pearl liang dim sum 05

Tau miu, canopy (dried scallops) and prawn – this is a new combination to me but it seemed to work well as the greens gave an interesting texture (I don’t recall many crunchy steamed dim sum dishes off the top of my head).

pearl liang dim sum 06

Zucchini prawn dumpling – another new combo, but I thought the courgettes got a bit lost in the parcel.

pearl liang dim sum 09

pearl liang dim sum 10

Loh mai fan – glutinous rice in lotus leaf – really nice. The rice was nice and oily without feeling too starchy and the meat mixture was tasty too.

pearl liang dim sum 07

Tan tart – baked egg custard tart – very good mix of soft egg custard that isn’t too sweet and fluffy pastry that isn’t too buttery.

pearl liang dim sum 11

The rest of the desserts we ordered were the ma lai ko, mango sago and mango pudding which were covered in the dinner review. If you’re lazy however, in general they were all very good too although this time I found the mango bits a bit sour – a sign they’re using fresh rather than canned mango maybe?

pearl liang dim sum 12

A minor issue is that Pearl Liang doesn’t have porridge on its dim sum menu, something I find really odd! The waitress explained that it has to be pre-ordered, ideally with a couple days notice.

The bill came up to £10 each, but we really ordered very little food this time so I’m guesstimating the true bill would have been nearer to £20 each if I was at full eating capacity.

Food – 7.0
Service – 5.0
Atmosphere – 7.0
Value – 4.0

In short, the food is quite typical dim sum fare (except a few that were new to me, but maybe it’s normal for others?) but executed very well with few mistakes done with the flavours and no food getting overcooked. The prices are a fair bit higher than average however although not as steep as Yauatcha, but then I still think that Yauatcha’s food is better (based on my last visit over a year ago anyway).

Would I eat here again? Yes! Although more expensive than most, its also better than most.

Pearl Liang
8 Sheldon Square,
W2 6EZ
Tel: +44 (020) 7289 7000
Official website