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A Mom’s Hurdle: Choosing A Perfect Pair Of Kids’ Goggles

Our little bundle of joy – our son, celebrated his second birthday last week. My husband and I asked him what he wanted for his birthday then he eagerly uttered “bigger pool”.

Time flies really fast. Last year, we got him a kiddie pool as a birthday present. He loves the water since then, maybe that explains his excitement for a bigger one.

It is just so heart melting to see your cute little kid begging and all he wants is just to go swimming with his mom and dad. Although my kid requested for something more elaborate and needs construction, who could ever resist that round twinkling eyes which you know that when you give them what they want, their happiness would reach the heavens?

As a first time mom (and I know a lot of moms can relate), safety measures are a must when heading to outdoor activities with my little one. I actually remembered when we went camping over the holidays, I did a thorough research first on insect repellents for babies, appropriate clothing, and etcetera. You might think I am overreacting but for me it’s better to be safe than sorry. The slightest idea of not doing my best for him drives me crazy. As long as I can, I am willing to learn what’s good and not for my kiddo.

In continuation, my husband and I decided to have a quality time with our son and grant his request, a “bigger pool”. Thinking about his safety, I pulled together a handy list on what to bring when that day comes, and swimming goggles topped the rank.

Toddlers usually knows how to use swimming goggles however, due to their carefree and playful nature, it is easy for them to crack the plastic, shatters band, and worse, they take off the rubber that wraps around the specs and unconsciously misplace it. Truly, it is tough to find an excellent pair of swimming spectacles that is unbreakable and fits well. Thus, the first question that pops to my mind is this, “Are there swimming goggles suitable for 2 year old kid?”

Swimming goggles are one of the fundamental swimming gears as it shields the eyes from water splashes, stinging chlorine concentrations as well as any latent microbes that anyone can acquire in a pool. The pool water can have contaminants counting cosmetics, urine, mucus and sweat. Wearing a pair of goggles will keep you away from eye discomfort and reduce irritation. Luckily, there are brands offering protective underwater eyewear for infants with varieties of colors, shapes, characters and designs. But, if you’re a meticulous mom like me, when choosing goggles for your little one, comfort and good seal is the most important consideration more than style, because in the first place that is what goggles are for, right?

To help you out, here are some guides for parents in selecting goggles for their kids which I got from my mini research:

1. Swimming Locations

The swimming environment is one of the considerations that you should take into account. Shades and tints vary for different locations where a pool is. If you’re going for indoors, then light tinted or clear goggles are great. On the other hand, for outdoor pools, darker shades are recommendable.

2. Eye Frame Materials

There are lots of different materials for underwater spectacles. There is rubber, silicon, plastic rings or foams. Nonetheless, for infants, rubber and plastics are the best materials to choose from. Both create a great suction on your kids’ eye areas and with these materials, water leakage is not a problem.

3. Eye Lenses Position

Apt position for the lenses as it sit in your child’s eye is also an essential thing to consider. Goggles for kids must be of the size which they find comfortable, not too big and not too small. Likewise, for extra comfort, ensure that upon wearing the goggles, the eyelashes shouldn’t touch the lenses.

4. Nose Position

Another thing to dwell over is the nose bridge position. Kids’ goggles when worn should not hurt the nose area. It is wise for parents to choose a pair of goggles with an adjustable nosepiece.

5. Straps Material

Just like the eye frame material, plastics and rubbers make a great strap. Straps for kids’ goggles should be adjustable and durable. Adjustable straps aid you in preventing water to leak. Likewise, durability is important to prevent kids from breaking or cutting it.

6. Anti-fog Lenses

When buying goggles for your kids, make sure that the pair has an anti-fogging property. Fogs in lenses prohibit your child from having clear visibility when faced down and unlike adults, children can’t easily cope up with this situation since they’re not accustomed with such problem. Invest on anti-fogging ones to make them enjoy their swimming experience.

Definitely, choosing goggles for kids is a tough job for us parents. A lot of considerations must be taken seriously to give out kids the safety and enjoyment that they truly deserve.

Swimming googles, although sometimes a hassle to happy swimming, could deem very important in ensuring that your kid enjoys his/her time in the waters while not worrying of anything that would harm his/her eyes. As repeatedly explained in the article, best googles are not entirely dependent on a specific brand rather, what is the most comfortable one for your child which fully protects their eyes at the same time.

When you are already a parent, your kids are of the utmost priority in all plans you do and all things to want to do. Ensuring their safety is just a part of every parent’s responsibilities. The most important thing that parents should do is to make sure that all rights of a child is provided to their children.

Do not waste opportunities to make your kids happy and at the same time learn something valuable for their growth. Children has all the right to play and to happiness and with proper guidance from the their parents, these activities could help build up better foundation for their growth and development.