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Chicco I-Move Car Seat and Stroller

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

One of the most useful and important (and potentially expensive) things one can get for a baby will be the stroller or pram. Yet its one of the seemingly more important things to choose, as who doesn't one precious little baby to be safe yet comfortable while being whizzed around here and there. Thankfully, one of my aunts work in Chicco, and not only provided useful product discounts but advice as well.

Chicco i-move

So to start with, we had a Chicco I-Move. You can see it much better in this promotional video, starring a Mr. Bean-like character, regarding its features. At the time it was the newest model available.

One of the most interesting features was its ability to swivel the pram around depending on whether you wanted baby to face you or the cruel outside world. Doing so was really easy as well, just a press of a foot pedal and a turn of the cot and baby has just had its world spun round.

Chicco i-move

Another selling point from the salesgirl was that it was a modular system. The full set of 3 comes with a wheelbase, a car seat (to be used from birth) and a pram for the larger child.

Chicco i-move

The most useful feature for me was that the car seat could be taken out from the car, and attached onto the wheelbase to then be effectively used as a baby pram. This was especially useful when baby has fallen asleep on a drive and he can continue sleeping in comfort out of the car as well, since we didn't have to wake him up by moving him somewhere else.

Chicco i-move car seat

Chicco i-move

At the time of writing, we didn't get a chance to use the pram for the larger child, so our experience is mostly based on just the car seat cum pram. for the newborn.

I have to say, it is really big and chunky. I usually end up being the one having to take it in and out of the car as the little wife has difficult managing (or so she claims!). The car seat weighs about 5kg and the wheelbase about the same again. Even though the wheelbase can fold itself in half, it still takes up a chunky 30% or so space of my carboot (Honda Civic). The pram for the larger child is even bigger!

Chicco i-move

For all that though, the bigger size comes with the feeling and sensation of durability and safety. It really feels like a steady piece of work. The “ride” for baby also looks very smooth and comfortable, and despite its size, is highly manoeuvrable, when compared to some of the cheaper brands we tried.

Chicco i-move

Another minor disadvantage I found was that the storage space underneath the wheelbase was really puny. We usually left it empty as not many things could fit inside. We got around the problem by hanging bags off the pram handles. The pram is so sturdy and heavy that it could easily support 3 or 4 shopping bags hanging off it. Also, the stroller comes with a really useful diaper bag. The material is really soft and light, comes with internal and external pockets to stuff all your necessities.

We've been using the I-move for the past 8 months and since baby is now a bit too tall for the I-Move, we have recently gotten a new Chicco car seat: the NextFit. We have yet to properly test it out, but it looks promising! It'll probably be reviewed after a month or so.

So in summary, 
what we love about the Chicco I-move: the 360° rotating seat, works as a car seat as well, comfortable material, sturdy and the diaper bag that comes with it! 
what we hate about it: bulky and the lack of storage space.

Chicco i-move

This post is sponsored by Chicco Malaysia, but all opinions are most definitely my own!

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