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Boppy Feeding Pillow

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Boppy pillow

One thing I can't live without now is the Boppy pillow.

Boppy pillow

Imagine having to hold a >4 kg baby against your breast for more than 30 mins without any support! And no matter how much I want to tone my arms, trust me, not this way. Most of the time, feeding the baby doesn't only involve holding the baby against your breast, you'll have to hold the tiny little body and balance the baby's head with one arm, support your breast to help the baby latch on with the other. And you'd wish you have more arms when the baby starts to put on a fight with your breast.

Boppy cradle hold

The Boppy pillow is a nursing pillow to make your breastfeeding life easier. It is designed to wrap around your body snugly and you can then rest the baby on top to feed comfortably. Since I had a c-section, it's best to breastfeed the baby via football hold, where you tuck the baby under your arm on one side. Since a baby is much heavier than a football, you will need the support underneath your arm! It is also great for use during bottle feeding. You won't have to hunch forward, which is really bad for your back.

Boppy football hold

The boppy pillow is very versatile. You can prop the baby up after feeding with the head resting up. The head is slightly elevated, which reduces acid reflux and prevents regurgitation. As you can see, the whole pillow wraps around the body of the baby, so you don't have to worry about the baby rolling off the pillow. But the baby may slip downwards when the baby kicks and moves around and you'll have to prop the baby back up again. When the baby is older, it serves as a nest for tummy time and to helps the baby learn to sit upright.

Boppy pillow

Another thing I like about the Boppy is that the pillow's slipcover can be taken off easily by unzipping the zip behind. There are many slipcover designs to choose from and both the pillow and slipcover are machine washable and tumble dryable.

Boppy slipcover

This post is sponsored by Chicco Malaysia, but all opinions are most definitely my own!

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