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Baby J's Cot: Chicco LullaGo

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Some people were asking me about the cot that baby J sleeps in. It is the LullaGo from Chicco for babies aged between 0 to 6 months. We were considering a playpen that comes with a bassinet as we wanted something light and portable. Plus, some comes with a diaper changer and is suitable for newborns, infants and toddlers. However, it doesn't look very stable. The old school wooden cots are stable, but is quite heavy and you can't move it around easily.

Baby in LullaGo from Chicco

This cot is both light and stable and since we travel to KL quite often, we could even carry this cot back! Here's a picture of it packaged in a bag beside a 13" Macbook.

LullaGo from Chicco

The cot is pretty straightforward to assemble.Unzipped, and here's everything in the bag.

LullaGo Chicco

Open up the main frame and make sure it's locked in the correct position, you will hear "click" sounds. Attach the 4 legs and again, make sure you lock them in place. Place the mattress on the bottom fo the crib and that's it. The package doesn't come with a matress cover, so you will have to get it separately. My aunt sewed a couple for us. It is easy to disassemble as well, just press the buttons to "unlock" the parts and pack them into the carry bag.

LullaGo from Chicco

I like the mesh inserts on both sides as we can keep an eye on Baby J through them without having to look over the cot. Look at him...sleeping peacefully. Besides, it also provides ventilation.

Chicco Lullago

The fabric covers are washable and can be removed by undoing the zips along the edges of the cot.

LullaGo from Chicco

It's usually in the baby's room with the confinement lady now, but we do move the cot to the living room and eventually into our room when the confinement lady leaves. Really light and convenient!

chicco Lullago

This post is sponsored by Chicco Malaysia, but all opinions are most definitely my own!

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