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A Little Bundle of Joy

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Introducing a new addition to our family...

pigpigscorner baby

I can't believe he's almost 3 weeks old! Life has been...tough. First, it was the labour. Long story short, I was in pain for almost 24 hrs and in the end I had to go for emergency C-section. And yes, I had epidural and yet it didn't work at the vagina and perineum part. Anyway, the surgery went well and both baby and mummy are fine.

pigpigscorner baby in Chicco cot

So, I barely had time to recuperate from labour and immediately had to start my new role, as a mum. Most of my time goes into taking care of this little one as he requires 24/7 of attention. Am glad that I don't have to worry about all the housework and cooking, well for now at least. I just need to focus on the little one's demand...for food. He wakes up for milk every 2-3 hours and when you think you have his feeding schedule all figured out, he goes through a period of "growth spurt" where he goes on a feeding frenzy and wakes up for milk every hour!

pigpigscorner baby

We both caught his daddy's flu bug, so baby has been a tad cranky for the past few days. Hope he gets well soon! And I hope that's the reason why he's been crying a lot too and not some other reason. As you know, it's still all a guessing game. There's just so much learn about this little one and I do hope I can cope and get settled into my role as a mum soon.

pigpigscorner baby

Do stay tuned for more updates! Will definitely try to blog more often!

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