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Chicco Mamma Donna Dermo Antistress Anti Stretch Marks Serum & Elasticising Oil

Saturday, 6 July 2013

I've finally hit the third and final trimester! Went through lots of changes emotionally as well as physically and these changes are still happening. The baby is growing bigger and his kicks are definitely stronger. It's amusing to see my belly moving like waves at times and feel as though something is grinding inside, not very comfortable, but I wish I have a camera inside me!

The baby aside, my belly has grown to the size of a basketball and I've put on a whooping 12 kg! I guess I've been enjoying too much of my pregnancy, but I swear I've been eating the same amount as I did before this, I blame it on the hormones!! But am glad to say that I don't have any new stretch marks...yet!

Stretch marks, one of the most dreaded side effects of pregnancy. Some people view them as 'badges of honour', but to me, they are the bain of my life! I have some from puberty and they just won't go away. Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched and teared. I was told to never ever scratch the belly when it is tight and itchy. The skin will tear and stretch marks will form. So far so me, there's no way to get rid of them but there may be ways to prevent them, though some may say that genetics play an important role, so if your mum has stretch marks during her pregnancy, most probably you'll get them as well! Although nothing can 100% prevent stretch marks from occurring, it's always a good idea to keep you skin moisturised. Being heavily pregnant is quite uncomfortable, and the last thing you want is a dry and itchy belly to add on the discomfort!

The wild boar bought me a bottle of cocoa butter soon after we found out that I was pregnant. Sounds like he's even more worried about stretch marks than I am! Anyway, I was quite put off by the smell and it made me feel pukey. Well, I was just really sensitive to smell then. I immediately switched to Bio-oil, but that had a really strong perfume scent. Didn't really like it as well but I could tolerate the smell of it better than cocoa butter.

I am currently using Chicco's intensive anti-stretch marks serum and am loving it! It contains high concentrations of active ingredients such as Rice oil, Tamanu oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin PP, Provitamin B5...

Chicco Mamma Donna Dermo Antistress Anti Stretch Marks Serum

The texture is light, easy to apply and is absorbed easily into the skin, leaving the skin soft and supple. The best thing is that it's perfume free! It goes very fast, one bottle lasted about 3 weeks or so for me and I only put it all over my belly and sometimes the breast. I am already starting my 3rd bottle, so stock up!


Since my skin is realy dry to begin with, I use it on conjunction with the elasticising oil, which is also perfume free! Contains Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, which serve to preserve the natural elasticity of the skin. Simply warm up the oil with your hands then massage onto your belly, hips and thighs until completely absorbed. It is less oily as compared to Bio-oil and it doesn't leave your skin greasy.

Chicco Mamma Donna Dermo Antistress Elasticising Oil

Check out Chicco Malaysia website to find out more about the Mamma Donna line body care products, which helps all moms-to-be prevent the onset of stretch marks and cellulite, to relieve your tired and sweeling legs and also prepare the breasts for nursing.

Chicco Mamma Donna Dermo Antistress

A bit more about Chicco Mamma Donna...

Chicco Mamma Donna Dermo Antistress
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This post is sponsored by Chicco Malaysia, but all opinions are most definitely my own!

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