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Porridge in Seoul: Migabon, Haeulchae Bibimbap Cafe

Monday, 15 October 2012


Migabon, Seoul

Our plane arrived at about 9 am or so, and by the time we arrived at the hotel (Ibis Myeongdong), it was about 10.30. Thankfully, the hotel had a room ready so we dumped our luggage in one room first, before going out to get some food.

Migabon, Seoul-set

It was still within breakfast time for some people, so we decided to go to Migabon for porridge. The four of us tried crab, ginseng chicken, abalone & mushroom, and beef & mushroom respectively. They were all somewhat muted to our taste buds though; I could barely make out the ginseng or crab flavours for example. The tastiest part of the meal was the chopped squid in hot sauce, one of the banchan dishes.

migabon, Seoul porridge

Altogether, the meal cost KRW43,000. Portion sizes were a bit on the small side, and we immediately followed up this meal with another one at Myeongdong Gyoza.

Haeulchae Bibimbap Cafe

Haeulchae Bibimbap Cafe

Rather unsatisfied with Migabon, and quite curious as to why there were so many porridge shops around, we tried a random shop a couple days later. We had a bit of a lie-in that day, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that at 10 am it was rather empty. Still, we had kimchi, shrimp, milk and pumpkin porridge respectively.

Haeulchae Bibimbap Cafe-porridge

I had a bit of a stuffed nose that day, so everything tasted rather bland, although my kimchi porridge still remained rather spicy. However, I was informed that the porridges that day were much tastier compared to Migabon. The milk porridge literally just tasted of milk, like an unsalted unsweetened milk pudding. It was a bit odd to our palates, and felt a bit neither here nor there. The pumpkin porridge was more of a puree, and the natural pumpkin sweetness can be appreciated here.

Haeulchae Bibimbap Cafe-pumpkin porridge

Altogether, the meal cost KRW29,000. Given my temporarily disabled sense of taste that meal, I wouldn’t go too much into the flavours, but my companions preferred this to Migabon. All I can confidently say is that this was more filling and satisfying to the stomach.

2F 2-23, Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +822-752-0330

Haeulchae Bibimbap Cafe
2F 22-10, Chungmuro 1(il)-ga (28 Myeongdong 8na-gil)
Tel: +822-779-8788

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