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Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My friend recently had a barbeque at his place but completely screwed up his steaks (they resembled charcoal). Craving for steak, he insisted on paying a visit to Bedrock, where he said was the best steak in Singapore he has had so far.

Eschewing normal stuffy bread, Bedrock provided us with some naan, lovely and warm. To go with it was some roasted garlic as well as butter. Interesting and rather unusual, but it appealed well to our hungry senses.

bedrock bread

wagyu bone marrow, toast, chopped parsley salad”. In our party of 4, only 2 people were really interested in the bone marrow. The PigPig found it very nice but the portion size was a bit too big and we couldn’t finish it in the end. Some more bread would have been nice as well.

Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse bone marrow

shaved jamon iberico de bellota, croutons”. The ham, even though every restaurant has a slightly different tasting ham, was really nice although I didn’t quite like the too-crunchy croutons. The PigPig found combining the ham with bone marrow to be a particularly good combination.

Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse jamon

Tomahawk Steak”.

Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse tomahawk steak

This was really what the guys were here for, a monstrous giant slab of rib-eye on the bone. However, compared to the previous versions (Hawksmoor in London, Dish in KL, Prime in KL) we’ve had before, this tomahawk had a really impressive bit of bone. According to Hawksmoor, the bone normally accounts for approximately 10% of the weight; so a cut of 1.5kg will give you “only” about 1.275kg. Doubtless though, that estimate doesn’t hold true for this tomahawk (don’t forget that bone is much heavier relative to meat!). Anyway we opted for a 1.5kg cut which set us back $350 already.

Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse

The steak itself was a 400 day grain-fed wagyu (although technically it is a mix-breed between Angus and wagyu stock, so it’s NOT a full wagyu breed). I was also told that the marble score is in the range of 4 to 5+ (12 being the highest marbling score and most pure wagyu breeds will get 6+). Personally, I thought that the marbling was somewhat inconsistent from one end of the steak to the other, with one half of it being a little bit too un-marbled. Similarly, some parts of the steak were cooked a little bit more so it ranged from medium-rare (my personal ideal) to medium-well done; however, the waiter warned us about this while ordering and I can accept this unfortunate state due to the huge size of the steak.

Also, while the taste of the beef itself is not bad, I would prefer a slightly stronger flavour. Nonetheless, the chef got a more-than-decent charring on it from his grill, using Applewood chips from the US.

Ordering the tomahawk also nets us one of each of their 5 different sauces: béarnaise, whiskey Dijon mustard, red wine sauce, black pepper, chilli oil. Even though I usually just eat my steaks with English mustard, I really enjoyed the sauces here, particularly the whiskey and Dijon blend. Their black pepper was particularly aromatic as well, not the typical starchy swill that usually accompanies a “black pepper steak” ordered from a hawker stall for example.

Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse sauces

We also ordered some sides, two of which were particularly noteworthy. While I’m no particular fan of macaroni & cheese in general, the “bedrock mac n’ cheese” was actually very good with just the right level of cheesy creaminess to be rich but not overtly decadent. The “truffled mashed potatoes” was very creamy and smooth and the aroma of the truffles was very evident.

Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse mac n cheese

Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse sides

Bedrock Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich; toasted waffle, chocolate sauce, double scoop honey and fig ice cream”. Unfortunately, they had to swap the honey and fig for plain vanilla ice cream. The waffle was still very nice, and thankfully lighter than a usual waffle after all the food we had. Nothing to write home about though.

Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse waffle

A Wedge of Chocolate; 85% valrhona flourless chocolate cake, hazelnut nougatine”. Don’t recall any hazelnut in this otherwise very rich and dense chocolate cake. I was expecting something lighter considering it's flourless.

Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse chocolate cake

Altogether, dinner for the four of us came up to just under $850 for the party. However, this was inclusive of a bottle of wine (Argentinian malbec, not bad, $150), two cocktails and someone had also ordered a “Crispy Skin Seabass” for her main. To put it in perspective, just the tomahawk steak and 3 sides would’ve come up to about $400 already.

Bedrock Bar & Grill Steakhouse wine

While the steak was really rather good, it still doesn’t seem to be able to match my personal favourite Hawksmoor, maybe perhaps because the English are far more liberal when sprinkling the salt on their meat. However, even in comparison to something a little bit closer to home, I also still prefer Dish (which I suspect is a lot cheaper taking into account the exchange rate), partly because the beef simply felt nicer, partly because the truffle butter there was great. In spite of it all though, I still enjoyed my meal and would be happy to return again although I am quite interested in checking out other steak houses such as Cut and Morton’s for example.

Best bit: macaroni & cheese (according to the PigPig)
Worst bit: the price tag

Bedrock Bar & Grill
96 Somerset Road,
#01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites,
Singapore 238163
Tel: +(65)6238 0054
Official website

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