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KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) in NYC: KyoChon, BonChon

Friday, 8 July 2011

Essentially, these two Korean chains serve up fried chicken and the most popular pieces are the chicken wings which both come in two varieties: soy garlic or a spicy version. Conveniently, both of them have outlets on 5th Avenue literally three doors apart so you can try them both out easily. The Kyochon store looks much nicer though as it had big glass windows and a very clean white modern motif while Bonchon was a bit dark and gloomy and the scaffolding outside didn’t help.

Both chains also conveniently will let you try the two flavours if you order a medium box of 10 wings, so we had 5 hot and sweet and 5 soy garlic wings each. While ordering, Kyochon also warned me that the spicy version is very spicy, which I ignored on the assumption that most stuff I eat in the Western world is nowhere near as spicy as food I eat in Malaysia.

Kyochon, new york

But I forgot this was a Korean chain... within seconds of biting into the spicy chicken wing, my tongue was on fire and tears were streaming down my face. We ended up finishing a whole 1L bottle of water eating the 5 spicy wings from Kyochon.

bonchon, new york
KFC @ BonChon

As for Bonchon, we were expecting more glaze on the spicy version; however, both the soy garlic and spicy wings looked identical (not sure if they gave us the right thing). One of it was a little spicy - nowhere near as crazy spicy hot as Kyochon's. Between the two, I think Bonchon’s soy garlic wings were tastier and the wings were overall crispier too (The wings were not heavily battered but amazingly crispy.). However, Kyochon has free sauce dispensers on the side and their garlic sauce is pretty good too.

kyochon, new york

PS. We found that the spicy hot wings really galvanised our stomachs and made us hungry for more food afterwards. Think they incinerated everything else inside our stomach so we needed to refill again.

Midtown West
319 5th Ave
New York, NY 10016
Other branches available
KyoChon on Urbanspoon

Midtown West
325 5th Ave
New York, NY 10016
Other branches available
Bon Chon Chicken on Urbanspoon

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