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Waste Not! Sambal Mushrooms and Scallops

Friday, 10 June 2011

Stock is an important ingredient in cooking. From soups, stews, braises, to stir-fries, using water is just doesn't give as much flavour. Stock is made by cooking many different ingredients such as bones, meat, fish or vegetables together with other aromatics in water. The ingredients are only used to add flavour and aroma to the water and they are usually discarded when the stock is finished cooking. Sad isn't it? It feels like such a waste!

The vegetables get mushy at the end of the cooking process, so that's understandable, but for the meats, I usually keep them for stir-fries, pies, fried noodles or fried rice. I recently made some simple Chinese soup stock for lobster noodles, which involved adding dried shiitake mushrooms and scallops. I kept all the mushrooms afer cooking the stock as they were so flavourful, the mushrooms were like little sponges soaking and retaining all the wonderful flavours. Kept the precious little dried scallops as well. I chopped the mushrooms into tiny pieces and stir-fried with the scallops in a spicy sambal sauce - so good with rice! There's no recipe to this (I used instant paste...shhh...), just use your favourite chili recipe!

Waste Not! Sambal Mushrooms and Scallops

So, do you keep some of the ingredients after making stock or just discard everything?

Have a great weekend everyone and say NO to waste!

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