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TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots

Monday, 28 February 2011

TOTAL greek yoghurt has just launched a brand new range - Total 0% Greek Yogurt Split Pots and I was asked if I wanted to review. "Yes of course!" I love the consistency of Greek yoghurt - so rich, creamy and thick. It is great with fresh fruits, nuts and cereals and I use it a lot in my cooking. Mainly for thickening curries, stews and soups.

TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots 3

Total Greek yoghurt is made with just milk, cream and live active cultures to create 100% natural Total yoghurt with no sugar, sweeteners, thickeners or additives added. They are known for their original full fat, 0% and 2% fat-containing Greek youghurt products. The brand range of Total 0% split pots combine natural fat-free Greek Yoghurt with a side portion of honey or fruit compote.

TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots 4

Available in four delicious flavours, TOTAL 0% split pots are the perfect fat-free indulgence, with no artificial sweeteners and no compromise on taste. Higher in protein than other yoghurts, these convenient little pots have less than 130 calories per pot except for the one with honey which is 167 calories.

TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots 5

Take a swirl of sweet honey or fruit compote and plunge your spoon into the smooth, thick Greek yoghurt to create the perfect mouthful.

TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots 2

All the split pots with fruit compote were really delicious with just the right amount of sweetness. My favourite is the Tropical fruits. The fruit compote is made of kiwi, passion fruit and papaya. Nice clean and fresh flavours. Good consistency with bits of fruits! The one with honey was rather disappointing as the honey was solid when I took it out of the fridge making it hard to mix.

TOTAL 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots

TOTAL 0% split pot in Honey, Blueberry, Strawberry & Tropical Fruits are available in most Waitrose stores from 8th February. Retail recommended price £1.09 - or 0.79p as introductory offer until 1st April.

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