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The Lime Tree

Friday, 18 February 2011

We’ve been in Manchester for nearly half a year now but I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve been out for a dinner meal. Instead, I’ve been enjoying the PigPig’s home cooking. Still it is nice to go out for a nice meal and we were lucky enough for a reader to give us some recommendations.

The Lime Tree took up a cosy little corner in the suburbs of West Didsbury. Outside was a placard stating that it was the 6th best restaurant in the North West according to the Sunday Times, high praise indeed. Inside was a comfortable looking place and the staff were cheerful so we were very much looking forward to a hearty meal.

The Lime Tree, Manchester 7

As we made our reservation just the day before, we started out meal at 6pm and were pleasantly surprised that we weren’t the only patrons that early. It turned out that there was an early bird offer (3 courses for £15 or so).

Chicken liver parfait with chutney, pickles and toast”. The generous slab of the chicken liver, placed on top of a little pile of dressed rocket, was pretty tasty although it had an odd grainy texture. It wasn’t really noticeable if eaten together with the toast though and the pickled shredded carrot was great.

The Lime Tree, Manchester 6

Breast of wood pigeon, confit pork belly & Bury black pudding with game jus”. Although nice and pink in the middle, the cut from the outside of the piece of breast was a tad chewy. The confit pork was delicious though, especially with the sweet apple sauce at the bottom to go with it. The jus also struck a nice balance of good gamey flavour without being too rich and creamy.

The Lime Tree, Manchester 5

Roast loin of Cheshire lamb with moussaka, cous cous and mint yoghurt”. Again the meat was beautifully cooked, but it just felt a little bit dry and tough. Although there was the yoghurt to go with the lamb, I would have preferred more gravy instead; what gravy was given was absorbed by the cous cous.

The Lime Tree, Manchester 2

Goosnargh duck breast with confit leg, orange sauce, pickled kumquats and market vegetables”. The PigPig’s main course looked like a hefty portion. Each of the three slices of breast meat was juicy on the inside but still had a slightly crispy skin around it. The confit leg was far too salty for my tastes though. The orange sauce was sweet without being too sickening while the kumquats added more tangy citrus notes.

The Lime Tree, Manchester 4

Fat chips, soup cream and chives”. Feeling particularly ravenous at the time of ordering, we also added this side of fat chips. What we got were obese chips though, neither of us ever seeing such huge cuts of potato before for chips. To be fair, I did quite like it as the inside was fluffy while having a slightly crunchy surface.

Note that the plate of vegetables beside the chips is the accompanying “market vegetables” for the duck.

The Lime Tree, Manchester

Stem ginger and date sticky toffee pudding, hot toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream”. Being far too stuffed at this point, we had to share one dessert between us two. There was an ever-so-slight-yet-definitely-there aroma from the ginger but there was also a rather strange texture throughout the pudding; it felt a bit like when one chews on newspaper by mistake and I assume it was from the ginger. We both loved the ice cream and the PigPig also liked how the pudding was practically swimming in toffee sauce but I found that a bit overkill.

The Lime Tree, Manchester 3

Altogether, the bill came up to £60 for the food above. I brought a bottle of wine from home and they charge a corkage fee of £5.

According to their website, the food started out French and has now morphed into Modern British. To me, it feels like standard hearty gastropub fare. Most of the dishes are fairly straightforward with no twist or turns in a very pleasant and warm environment.

The Lime Tree
8 Lapwing Lane,
West Didsbury,
M20 2WS
Tel: +440871 811 4873
Official website

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