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Dreamfarm Kitchen Gadgets - A Giveaway!

Monday, 15 November 2010

The winner for the Hotel Chocolat Christmas giveaway is Megan! Congratulations! Thank you all for your participation, I really wish I had more chocolates to giveaway. For now, let us forget about the chocolates for awhile as I have another awesome giveaway for you!

Dreamfarm sent me a pair of kitchen tongs. I know, not another pair of tongs. You might all already have one, as do I, but I specifically asked for another pair. It's not just any tongs, it's called CLONGS from click-lock sit up tongs.

dreamfarm clongs Giveaway!

Dreamfarm is a young Australian kitchenware design company – they make tools that are simple, quirky and very very useful. "Let's grow original ideas into clever solutions and create a world we love to live in."

What I dislike about my old tongs:
  • The lock-on hinge doesn't keep the hands "close". Not sure why, it just doesn't catch, so my tongs are forever in an "open" position.
  • Tips are stainless steel, so I'm always worried it'll scratch my non-stick pans.
  • The tips touch and dirty the surface.

Dreamfarm solutions:
  • Open and lock your tongs easily with one hand thanks to the clever click-lock button mechanism. Works like a charm every time.
dreamfarm clongs click-lock Giveaway!
  • Silicone tips are safe to use on non-stick cookware and are heat resistant to 260°C/500°F.
  • Bench and counter tops stay clean and your tongs stay hygienic due to the unique bend in the handle which keeps the tips sitting up.
dreamfarm clongs sit up Giveaway!

I'm really glad I chose the clongs. I can't wait to try out the other products, currently on my
  • Vebo
  • Scizza
Funny names heh? What are they? Do check out Dreamfarm's website for more interesting and innovative creations. Now, for the giveaway, you can win any products (excluding the Teafu since it is out of stock at the moment) you see on the website!


For a chance to win a Dreamfarm product (excluding Teafu as it is out of stock), do one or more of the following, or all to increase your chances of winning:
  • Visit Dreamfarm's website and leave a comment below telling me WHAT product you like and WHY, and remember to leave your email address as well.
  • Like my Facebook page AND leave a comment telling me you did so. Remember to tell me WHAT and WHY you like.

  • "Like" Dreamfarm on Facebook AND remember to leave a message telling me you did so. Remember to tell me WHAT and WHY you like.
  • Follow @pigpigscorner on Twitter AND tweet "Dreamfarm Kitchen Gadgets Giveaway #dreamfarm @pigpigscorner". Leave a comment telling me you did so.
  • Follow @WeAreDreamfarm on Twitter. Leave a comment telling me that you did it.
  • Stumble this post (see the stumble button on the left side of this post?) and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.
The competition ends at Midnight GMT 22nd November 2010 and is open to ANYONE from ANYWHERE.

I will be sending you what you want, so, entries without stating a Dreamfarm product you want WON'T be taken into account.

Good Luck!!!

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is:

Carolyn "The Oni knife would be AMAZING!! How convienent and useful! Tomatoes are one of my all time favorite foods, and the plastic wrap cutter would be fabulous. The Vebo veggie steamer would be so neat as well! I love that it would squish to fit into my limited number of pans. I liked your facebook page as well!!"

Congratulations and thank you all for participating!

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