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Goodman - Steak & Fun with Polaroid

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Many a blogger had covered this steakhouse already, so I’ll make this review relatively brief, but basically since so many people agree that Goodman serves a pretty mean steak I had to get myself in on the action too.

Goodman, London 04

We organised a group of friends to meet up for a meal and managed to rope up eight of us in total. Shown to the very comfortable leather chairs, we were promptly given jugs of tap water and a couple baskets of bread (I didn’t try as I didn’t want to spoil my appetite) prior to our friendly waiter appearing with a tray of meats.

Goodman, London 01

Partly educational, he demonstrated the different cuts available – starting from the bottom right is the sirloin and going anti-clockwise is the fillet, rib-eye, porterhouse and bone in rib-eye. He also told us the different weights of the cuts on show but I just plain forgot now. He also explained what is a porterhouse and the difference between a porterhouse and a t-bone – a porterhouse is essentially a cut with a sirloin on one side and a fillet on the other while a t-bone is pretty much the same as a porterhouse but a bit further down the animal and contains a smaller proportion of fillet.

Goodman, London 05

We wanted to try a couple different types of meat and cuts and were aiming for about 350g each so probably a total of 2.8kg. The waiter did say that choosing a cut with bone means we would need to remove about 15% of the weight to accommodate. In reality, we ended up with 1kg of US porterhouse and 850g of Irish bone in rib-eye, except that we had double that so it was easier for the eight of us to share the meat. So yeah we ended up with 3.7kg, which I only found out later on the bill and it worked out to nearly 400g each. Oh well.

So yes we chose just two different cuts – porterhouse and bone in rib-eye – as well as two different sources of meat. The waiter explained that the US beef was corn-fed so slightly sweeter while the English (Belted Galloway on the board) was grass fed and supposed to be beefier in taste. Meanwhile, the Irish was corn-fed for the last 60 days so had a blend in between the English and the US.

Goodman, London 11

Finally, onto eating the actual meat. As we were sharing platters of steaks, the kitchen sliced the steaks for us, exposing the beautiful pink meat inside (medium rare requested for). I have to say though that the fillet side of the porterhouse was overcooked on our plate. Generally, the surface had a great charred smoky taste and smell while the meat was pretty tender except for the sirloin bit of the porterhouse, similar to my previous experience in Hawksmoor.

Goodman, London 06

In regards to the taste of the meat itself, I don’t think I could really differentiate the two sources (my poor weak sorry taste buds). However, of the four among us who had sampled Hawksmoor before, three of us found the meat here less beefy than the Longhorn breed at Hawksmoor. Also, the beef is less seasoned here.

Goodman, London 08

To be fair, the sauces provided are fairly good particularly the red wine with blue cheese one which pretty much everyone loved.

Goodman, London 07

We chose a variety of sides to share such as chips (just normal chips, no triple cooked stuff), creamed spinach with gruyere and mushrooms. All of them were good actually.

For desserts, we tried three of them – sundae with brownies and lots and lots of whipped cream, triple chocolate mousse and a caramel parfait. I would suggest avoiding the sundae unless you actually enjoy whipped cream but the mousse and the parfait were both pretty good. The PigPig and another female accomplice then decided to have a glass of Tokaji each, which was actually pretty good.

Goodman, London 02

Altogether, the bill came up to nearly £500 for the entire table which included two bottles of wine (I had no input into the wine choosing. It made more sense for my friends who are in a wine tasting course to choose it) costing £39 and £60 each.

Food – 7.0
Service – 6.0
Atmosphere – 6.0
Value – 5.0

*Guide to restaurant food ratings

The steak and the cooking of it was actually of a very good quality and we all enjoyed our meal there as not only was the steak good, but so was the sauces and the side dishes while the service was friendly and helpful. Yet, Hawksmoor still provides better tasting steak at very similar prices. Still, there is no shame in coming second best to Hawksmoor in serving steak, much as there is no shame in running the 100m race in 9.60 seconds to come second to Usain Bolt.

Best bit: the PigPig whipping out her Polaroid and snapping pictures of everybody.
Worst bit: overeating.

Goodman, London 10

26 Maddox Street
Tel: +44(020) 7499 3776
Official website

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