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Pinchito Tapas

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Reviewed by The Wild Boar

We were invited to review this restaurant and the entire meal was paid for by the house. The following below is our attempt at an independent view, but you have been warned.

It is with great regret that we didn’t try any of the dishes the restaurant named themselves after. We completely forgot to enquire what is a “pinchito” and instead just sat down and enjoyed our food and drink. To be fair to us, they only have one pinchito item on the menu and I had to use Wikipedia to find out what a pinchito is (essentially, skewered seasoned barbecued meat typically eaten in Andalucia and inspired from the Moors).

So we were chilling out, enjoying our refreshing jug of Pink Sangria ( lychee, elderflower, strawberries with rosé wine and gin) while taking in the bustling atmosphere – there were a couple of tables who were obviously enjoying their sangria and were having a good fight with the loud upbeat music.

Pinchito Tapas, London 5

The seating arrangement was slightly odd with the American diner like seating to one side while having the typical bar stools on the other side of the bar. That being said, the seatings were really comfortable and a booth for us two meant a lot of elbow room. A little basket of cutlery stood by the side of the table providing the usual suspects but also strangely disposable chopsticks (which I personally thought was a great touch and I quite happily used this for the whole meal).

We ordered a glass of Tio Pepe since it says "try me" on the leaflet. Too dry for our taste unfortunately.

Pinchito Tapas, London 8

Jamon iberico”. One of the most delectable of Spanish hams available, the black Iberian pigs are only fed acorns. The sample here is not bad, thankfully without that sharp sting that sometimes appear.

Pan a la Catalunya. Er, we didn’t actually order this, but it turned out to be really good. The watery yet fairly potent tomato juice was sweetened and didn’t have the acidic tinge. The watery juice combined pretty well with the crunchy toasted bread.

Pinchito Tapas, London 1

Pork Belly with mango and black olive”. The PigPig absolutely loved this dish with the super crunchy crackling and pork belly strips. It did go pretty well with the mango sauce/jam thingy but there weren’t enough olives to make a significant impact.

Pinchito Tapas, London 2

Octopus with chorizos and mash potato. This version of the traditional pulpo a la gallegas was a tad underwhelming, partly because the chorizos was missing from our dish! The octopus was really nice and soft but the mash was a bit underseasoned.

Pinchito Tapas, London 3

Huevos Rotos (fries, egg and chorizo)”. I’ve eaten this variation a couple of times before but this is definitely my favourite from the droopy chunky chips to the soggy egg yolk and chorizo oil sauce.

Pinchito Tapas, London 4

Hanger steak with paprika alioli”. We didn’t specify how we wanted our steak done but it was cooked perfectly how I liked it with it being pretty rare in the middle. Sliced into pretty thin strips for sharing enjoyment, the beef was pretty good but I felt there were just a bit too much shards of salt sprinkled around.

Pinchito Tapas, London 6

Gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns)”. This smelled great coming out of the chicken with the garlic aroma wafting out ahead from the kitchen. The prawns had a great springy texture.

Chicken in Pedro Ximenez”. This chicken stew had a rich creamy sweet sauce (partly from the Pedro Ximenez and partly from the raisins presumably) which was fantastic to go with the bread. My only complaint with this dish is the usage of chicken breasts rather than thighs or drumsticks and the bread was a little dry.

Pinchito Tapas, London 7

Chocolate con churros (thick chocolate and ‘churros’)”. Ordinarily, I dislike this Spanish breakfast as it is usually too greasy for me to handle. However, Pinchitos does a great job here as the churros here is light and non-greasy while the chocolate drink is a highly potent chocolatey drink (not sure it can be classed as a drink). It almost felt like a cup of melted dark chocolate!

Pinchito Tapas, London 10

Tarta de Santiago (Santiago almond cake)”. This typical Spanish tart was pretty good with a nice almond background taste. However, it does have a slightly wetter consistency than usual.

Pinchito Tapas, London 9

Food – 6.5
Service – 6.0
Atmosphere – 5.0
Value – 5.0

Hmm flavourwise Pinchito Tapas is actually pretty good and certainly most of the dishes we sampled were actually pretty tasty.

Best bit: Inception was a great film! Oh about the food… the huevos rotos was definitely my favourite of the lot.
Worst bit: having only 1 jug of sangria. Who doesn’t love sangria?

Pinchito Tapas
11 Bayley St
Bedford Sq
Tel:+44(020) 7637 3977
Other branch: 32 Featherstone Street, London, EC1Y 8QX
Official website

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