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Oddono's, Dri Dri, Morelli's - Life's Too Short to Eat Bad Ice-Cream

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


After all the hype of Gelupo , we too dutifully made our way there and got a scoop each. But we didn’t really like it – felt strangely grainy/watery(diluted actually), not creamy enough, didn’t like the slightly odd flavours. And while I was licking away at the runny ice cream, I couldn’t help but think, “Jeez, I wish I had just gone to Oddono’s”.

Gelupo, London
Gelupo gelato

7 Archer Street
W1D 7
Official website

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Based mainly in the West London area, Oddono’s main outlet and site of operations is on Bute Street just a stone’s throw from the South Kensington tube station. They also have a kiosk in Whiteley’s of Bayswater and in Selfridge’s although the selection is quite limited in those places.

Oddono's, London 1

With about a dozen flavours of ice cream and a further half dozen sorbets, the usual suspects are to be found in the gallery in the Bute Street outlet. From the standard fare such as creamy Madagascan vanilla dotted with copious numbers of black specks of vanilla pods to the rich chocolate.

Oddono's, London 2

Personally, I prefer the stracciatella and bacio (milk chocolate with hazelnuts) while the PigPig loves the pistachio and my aunt always goes for coffee/ caramel. My uncle meanwhile tends to order an affogatto which is essentially a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting away in one or two shots of espresso.

Oddono's, London 3
Affogato - insanely creamy with the ice-cream, it's like drinking coffee flavoured cream.

Life's too short to eat bad ice cream”, as quoted from the Oddono’s website. Oddono's was our favourite gelateria until...

14 Bute Street,
Other stores
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Dri Dri

We then got tipped off by a friend that she found Dri Dri serves better gelato than Oddono’s so naturally we went to check it out too (after a particularly disappointing and unfulfilling dessert at Hunan). We went after 10pm so we missed the crowd that is pretty much permanent on Portobello Road on weekends. The shop itself looks incredibly new. In fact, it’s only two months old.

Dri Dri, London 5

Cutting to the chase, the flavours are pretty standard across gelateria everywhere.

Dri Dri, London 1

I first tried the straciatella and bacio while my cousin tried pistachio, partly because they’re our favourites and partly to make a direct comparison to Oddono’s. We found the flavours in Dri Dri actually stronger and more intense while it is equally creamy. We also tried crema dri dri (Dri Dri signature flavor based on the traditional Italian Crema with the addition of caramelized sesame), it was ok, and didn't like the sesame bits. Tried biscotto, supposed to be cookies and cream, but it tasted more like caramel.

Dri Dri, London 3

The PigPig had also tried three sorbets, extra noir chocolate (surprisingly good and creamy), melon and pink grapefruit. My cousin and the PigPig found the melon incredibly full of melon flavour (and melon bits) while I just loved the pink grapefruit as it was a beautiful mix of bitter and sweet.

Dri Dri, London 2

In fact, we enjoyed those flavours so much, we then got another two scoops of strawberry and apricot each. Again, the strawberry was brilliant; it just oozed strawberry essence and had lots of pips. The apricot meanwhile was a bit disappointing as it didn’t really taste of apricot and was quite sour too.

Dri Dri, London 4

PS. we went back a few days later and the Pigpig loved the yoghurt.

Dri Dri
189 Portobello Road
W11 2ED
Official website


Rounding of the trio of gelateria is Morelli’s which has two outlets in London – Harrod’s and Selfridge’s respectively, the former opening first in 2003 and even offering a bespoke flavour service whereby they can create any flavour a customer chooses with 24 hours notice.

Morelli's, London 1

Even on sight, it’s clear that the gelato here is exceedingly soft. It looks just like soft scoop ice cream while it was being scooped into our little sundae cups. I settled for nutella and honey & rose while the PigPig chose mango and ginger & orange. While exceedingly soft and creamy, the flavours seemed slightly artificial somehow and it was too sweet for our tastes.

Morelli's, London 2

87–135 Brompton Road
Other stores
Official website

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