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Ariel Stain Remover Giveaway! (and the winners...)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Are you still swooning over the blueberry pound cake from yesterday?

Blueberry pound cake

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries...I'm sure you've been eating and cooking a lot with these goodies recently! Berry stains are among the hardest to remove from your clothing, so introducing a revolution in stain removal from Ariel; New Ariel Stain Remover has a unique formula that combines exclusive Ariel cleaning agents with targeted stain removers to give brilliant results on more everyday tough stains in the first wash. The range has been created to deliver maximum effectiveness on removing everyday stains like wine, tomato, chocolate and grass – the very first time they are treated.

The range includes:
  • Powder – The most powerful product in the range, just fill the integrated dosing cap and add it to your machine’s drawer
  • Gel – For performance with added versatility, it can either be used directly on the stain before it goes into the machine, or added to your wash
  • Spray – The option for when you want to pre-treat easily and directly target a stain

The powder and liquid also come in a version with added whitener, for extra power to help reduce that grey appearance that white fabrics can sometimes develop over time and after repeated washing.

Just add your preferred form of stain remover to your wash, alongside your regular detergent dosage, to ensure fantastic stain removal. It works with your detergent to enhance its stain removal power and provide advanced cleaning performance.

Whether it’s that muddy gym kit brought home from school or that dried in wine stain on your sleeve, change the way you treat your stains with Ariel Stain Remover and enjoy brilliant first time results, even at low temperatures.

Some behind the scene facts:
  • Over 200 versions of formulas were developed before finding the perfect combination of ingredients for the final product
  • More than 100 bottles of tomato ketchup, 100 bottles of BBQ sauce, 19 large bottles of olive oil and over 1,000 tea sachets were used in the making of Ariel Stain Remover
  • It took over 10 hours just to re-create the perfect “outdoor stains” – in the end it was made of a bit of grass, a touch of mud, and a flavour of rain-water
  • An average of 5 fruit or vegetables were eaten everyday by the whole R&D team during the making of Ariel Stain Remover, mainly from the large quantity of strawberries used to test stains
  • More than 41 bottles of red wine were used to create wine stains. One member of the R&D team hasn’t had a drop since the formula was finalised!

Ariel Stain Remover Gel - 1 litre Give Away!So dear readers, I have 5 Ariel Stain Remover Gel/Liquid to give away. For a chance to win, do one of the following, or all to increase your chances of winning:
  • Leave a comment below with your email address.
  • Like my Facebook page AND leave a comment on my FB page telling me you did so.

  • Follow @pigpigscorner on Twitter AND tweet "Ariel Stain Remover Give Away @pigpigscorner"
The give away is open to anyone in the UK only. The competition ends at Midnight GMT 25th August, 2010.

Good Luck!

Thank you all for your entries! Here are the winners:

Bread et butter


Marlyn Smith




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