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Helluva Burger @ The Meatwagon, The Florence, Herne Hill

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Reviewed by The Wild Boar

Bookmarked their website every since I saw Helen’s review on their bobcat burger but it took us nearly a year to finally go over to try, partly because of The Meatwagon’s erratic schedule (mostly weekdays it feels like) and also because getting to them involved a fair amount of travelling (they’re based in the south, and I’ve never travelled so far south before).

Eventually, on a Saturday (17/07), we finally made the trek down to have lunch at 1pm. Unfortunately, they started late (London traffic, some issue with their gas canister) and only started serving at 3pm so I was an incredibly grumpy bastard by the time I got my burger. Well worth the wait though.

The Meatwagon, London 1

Chilli cheese beef burger.

The Meatwagon, London 4

That is one superb looking piece of burger. Of the sloppy wet juicy type, beef juices were dripping with every bite I took even though I was literally wolfing it down.

The Meatwagon, London 5

The patty was really good, full of beefy flavour although it looked a bit disconcertingly raw in the middle (still ate it though). Perhaps a bit underseasoned but easily made up by the cheese. Oh the cheese. It was slimy and stuck to the gums with a rather rich mellow taste. And apparently it’s quite reminiscent of the typical American style cheese used in burgers (can’t comment, never been to the States).

The Meatwagon, London 6

So I was waiting for 2 hours to get my food and I managed to be 4th in the queue when it finally opened for orders. Every now and then I went over to the wagon to check out how my order was coming and then I saw their bacon cooking. It was the most amazing bacon I saw being cooked. It wasn’t just strips of bacon, it was diced pieces of bacon (more bacon fat than bacon) being made into a patty. BACON PATTY!! I started jumping up and down and tried to change my order of a chilli cheese beef burger into a bacon chilli cheese beef burger, but Yianni (the owner) advised it would be overkill.

The Meatwagon, London 2

Philly cheesesteak with extra bacon.

The Meatwagon

So I had to console myself with this order. Firstly, it is as big as it looks. Secondly, it was as delicious as you think it looks. Essentially strips of rump fried with onions and green peppers then laid atop more of that gooey cheese and finally, topped with that brilliant chopped bacon. We got some jealous looks from the table next to us, oh yeah.

The Meatwagon, London 8

Altogether we paid £13 for the two burgers. I think the base price for a beefburger and Philly cheesesteak were £5 and £6 each but adding each item was an extra £1.

Food – 7.0
Value – 7.0

Best bit: BACON PATTY!!
Worst bit: waiting 2 frigging hours to get my hands on a burger.

Click here to find out where and when they'd next be.

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