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Food in Taipei County - Wulai

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Wulai 烏來

Wulai, Taiwan 06

Wulai is a mountain village in southern Taipei County, famous for its hot springs, waterfall and aboriginal culture.

The Nanshi creek 南勢溪

Wulai, Taiwan 02

Wulai, Taiwan 12

Steaming hot spring water at the public soaking ponds.

Wulai, Taiwan 11

We took the Log Cart 乌来台车 uphill to the famous Wulai 80 m waterfall. The view on the way up was amazing.

Wulai, Taiwan 03

Wulai waterfall

As an Atayal aboriginal town, Wulai has all kinds of interesting Aboriginal food, like wild boar meat 山豬, millet wine 小米酒, Bamboo Tube Rice 竹筒飯 and a lot of food are seasoned with the Aboriginal spice maqaw (馬告, Litsea cubeba).

Wulai Old Street 烏來老街

Roast wild boar - Looked amazing, but was cold when we ate and the skin was slightly soggy. Disappointing.

Wulai, Taiwan 03

Grilled wild boar - We tried two stalls as both had equally long queues and we couldn’t decide which one to try. Both were quite similar with lots of taste (varying amounts of chilli added as requested) but the one nearer to the bridge (the one with white sign) was more tasty. The one with the yellow sign was more tender but not as tasty.

Wulai, Taiwan 09

Wild boar sausage - very meaty, fatty and juicy.

Wulai, Taiwan 05

Deep fried anchovies - Salty and with quite a lot of bones, tricky to eat.

Chinese pancake with spring onions and egg - Tastes better than it looks.

Buns - Tried the preserved vegetable (left) and bamboo (right) types; latter having a very strong smell as is usual for the non-canned type.

Wulai, Taiwan 08

Hot spring egg 溫泉蛋 - Tried the herbal tea egg, nice strong herbal tea taste.

Wulai, Taiwan 06

Pork slices refried on a grill top - Even more disappointing than the roast pig, looked really good but bland, tasteless, tough fatty pieces of meat.

Wulai, Taiwan 02

Millet wine - A must-try local speciality. Quite a sweet drink, there are several different alcohol % available depending on your taste. We bought a bottle that we liked to drink at the hot spring resort.

Wulai, Taiwan 01

Pearl drink, 山粉圓 - actually seeds from a plant Hyptis suaveolens (L.) Poir. Not very memorable.

Honey glazed sweet potatoes - The natural sweetness was further highlighted by the honey, really nice snack.

Wulai, Taiwan 07

Grilled mochi - Lots of stalls selling this and lots of people buying them too. Tried one with honey and black sesame at random, was reasonably ok but very filling and dense.

Dessert soups - Tried the almond and peanut types. Both were pretty good but a bit oversweetened.

Sweet millet porridge - quite nice.

Stuffed mochi - Can’t tell from the picture but there were several different fillings (red bean, sesame and peanut), all of which were pretty good and your favourite probably depended more on personal taste.

Wulai sweets

For dinner, we went into a random store that had quite a lot of people (not much alternatives though).

Rice Wine with Yogurt 泰雅小米露 - taste like alcoholic Calpico. Nice.

泰雅婆婆美食店 2
Waiter in aboriginal costume.

Bamboo tube stuffed with rice and mushroom 香菇竹筒飯 (top left) – one of the specialities, the rice is cooked inside the bamboo. The mushrooms made this reasonably tasty although I prefer my usual loh mai kai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken).

Soups (top right) – Black forest hero soup 黑森林勇士湯 (seriously, how can you not order this after hearing the name?) in the background. It's stewed pork knuckle with tree seeds, very bland but the Pigpig liked it as it tasted like black bean soup, just lacking some salt. In the foreground is chicken in millet wine and sesame seed oil 小米酒麻油雞 which had a very strong alcohol taste but still lacking salt.

Deep-fried bamboo partridge 炸竹雞 (bottom left) – arguably the tastiest out of a meal full of bland dishes, but that isn’t saying much. Fried rice noodle 現炒炒米粉 in the background, qutie tasty actually.

Stir-fried Chinese chive 炒山珠蔥 (bottom right) - umm...very healthy.

Wulai 泰雅婆婆美食店

Basically, all the dishes were too healthy for us. We had to snack on more unhealthy stuff right after.

泰雅婆婆美食店 Taiya Po Po. 台北縣烏來鄉烏來街14號, 14 Wulai Street
Official website

Besides food, Wulai is packed with hot spring resorts. We chose Full Moon Spa 明月溫泉 as it's located at a very convenient location, very near Wulai bus terminal stop and the parking lot. Just head towards 'Wulai Old Street', it will be on your left at the beginning of Wulai Old Street. We got a package which includes an overnight stay in the luxury double room 豪華檜木風呂 with private hot spring bathtubs, complimentary breakfasts for two and free excess to the open-air baths. We were quite surprised to see an extra single bed in the room so it was really spacious and clean. The bathroom has 2 Japanese style wooden bathtubs (one hot Jacuzzi tub, one cold) with a great view.

Wulai, Taiwan 01

We had a choice of Chinese or Western breakfast. We chose Chinese which was porridge with a variety of accompaniments.

Breakfast at Ming Yue

The beautiful view while enjoying our breakfast.

Wulai, Taiwan 08

Full Moon Spa 明月溫泉
台北縣烏來鄉烏來村烏來街85巷1號 No. 1, Lane 85, Wulai St.
Official website

How to get to Wulai:

Take MRT to Xindian station 新店 (green line terminal stop), take bus 1601 (just behind the tourist information center at Xindian station) to Wulai terminal stop (about NT$40, 45 mins).

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