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Rice & Noodles in Hong Kong

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Mak's Noodle

Super famous store.

蝦子撈麵 Prawn roe and a blend of seasonings sprinkled on top of dry noodles – very tasty on its own, has the distinct wonton noodles taste but this version is made using duck not chicken eggs. Texture is very springy, one of a kind. Each plate is tiny and costs HKD40! Dad and the Wild Boar ordered seconds.

Mak's noodles, hong kong 02

雲吞麵 Wonton noodles - The soup base has strong prawn taste, clear in colour and texture but very rich in flavour. Wonton has springy saltwater prawns.

Mak's noodles, hong kong 05

炸醬麵 (za jiong min) Signature fried sauce noodles – recommended by waiter, different to the black Korean type. Little sauce but strong flavour was enough for whole dish. Incredibly delicious, tasted similar to sweet/sour pork but pork strips a bit chewy. Highly recommended.

Mak's noodles, hong kong 07

Total cost HKD360 for 4 people (also had 水饺 (sui gao) prawn dumplings, extra bowls of saltwater prawn dumplings and 芥蘭 (gai lan) Chinese broccoli). Worth mentioning too that several of my relatives recommended the shop diagonally opposite (but nobody could remember the name) which serves not bad wonton noodles at half the price of Mak’s.

Mak's noodles, hong kong 01

麥奀雲吞麵世家 Mak's Noodle
中環蘭桂坊威靈頓街77號地下 G/F, 77 Wellington Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central
From Central MTR, exit D1 and D2
Mon-Sun 12:00-20:00

Kau Kee Restaurant

清湯牛腩伊 Crunchy beef brisket in broth with Ee-fu noodles – complex oily soup with lots of flavour and aroma, easily finished drinking the entire bowl of soup. Mixture of soft tender lean beef with strips of fat on one side to make it juicy while the brisket and tendons are soft and not chewy at all. HKD78 per bowl. The Pigpig liked it with 粗麵 (chou min) thick noodles, which added a 'wontony' noodle taste to the broth.

Kau Kee restaurant, hong kong 01

咖喱牛筋腩伊 Curry beef tendon and brisket with Ee-fu noodles – an acceptable level of heat and spiciness to make it “interesting” but not difficult to eat. More juicy soft tendon and brisket in this bowl.

Kau Kee restaurant, hong kong 02

Total cost forgotten but probably around HKD360 for 5 people. Another small little dingy shop where you sit on stools and eat off a small dirty table, yet still worth a visit. Beware of long queues; we went at 8.30pm sharp and managed to miss it but we saw a fair number of people waiting outside as we left.

九記牛腩 Kau Kee Restaurant
中環歌賦街21號地下 G/F, 21 Gough Street, Central
From Sheung Wan MTR, exit A2
Mon-Sat 12:30-19:15, 20:30-23:30; closed on Sunday and public holidays
+852-2815-0123/ 2850-5967

On Lee Noodle

Taken here by my uncle who frequently visits this shop for breakfast.

Beef brisket with fish cake on thick noodles – slightly rough flat noodles in soya based sauce was nice and tasty. Beef was really tender but fish cakes okay only. Overall a nice and tasty combo.

On Lee, hong kong 03

Beef brisket with koay teow (flat rice noodle) in soup – very nice clear broth with deliciously strong beefy taste but not as oily as Kau Kee. The beef given was very lean though, not as tender as the above, would have preferred some fat on it. Not bad overall but prefer Kau Kee's oily version.

On Lee, hong kong 02

Beware of super hot chilli!

Corned beef and egg sandwich – not very nice, stingy on the beef and it
was more like an omelette. French toast – good but needed more condensed milk than I dare to put on. Delicious with a cup of milk tea.

On Lee, hong kong 01

Total cost unknown but estimated to be HKD40 each including drinks.

安利魚蛋粉麵 On Lee Noodle
筲箕灣東大街22號 22 Shaukeiwan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan
Mon-Sun 7:00-19:00

Wing Hap Shing Restaurant

Sliced beef sandwich with egg – juicy morsels of tender beef with half cooked fried semi-scrambled-without-the-butter egg meant its best eaten quickly or the bread will get soggy. It didn’t last long enough to get soggy…

Wing hap shing, hong kong 03

Corned beef sandwich with egg – as above, but using corned beef instead meant more saltiness and tastier. A must for corned beef fans.

Wing hap shing, hong kong 04

窩蛋牛肉飯 Claypot rice with minced beef – the store’s speciality, the claypot is baked in an oven. The beef isn’t so much minced as diced so they still had some texture and bite to it. Unlike Malaysian claypots, this used quite little oil and the rice at the bottom of the claypot didn’t stick but came away quite easily for extra crunchy goodness.

Wing hap shing, hong kong 05

Wing hap shing, hong kong 01

The milk tea was really good - smooth and aromatic. Egg tart was also highly recommended but not sampled as sold out at 10am!!

Wing hap shing, hong kong 02

永合成餐廳餅店 Wing Hap Shing Restaurant
上環蘇杭街113至115號地下 G/F, 113-115 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan
Mon-Sat 6:00-16:00 (closed Sundays)
From Sheung Wan MTR, exit A2.
+852-2850-5723 / 2850-5726

Sang Kee Congee Shop

及第粥 (congee with pig's liver, kidney and intestine) – good flavour. Century egg with lean meat porridge – Okay. Beef porridge – the meat had lots of tenderiser used so the beefy taste was mild but meat was super tender and tasty (from seasonings). Chicken porridge – surprisingly tastier than all others.

Sang kee congee, hong kong 02

Overall porridge wasn't blended too much and still retained the rice grains while not too starchy. Much better than 知粥嘗樂 Congee Wonderland which we tried the first morning as it was near to our hotel.

煎鯪魚餅 Pan fried fish cake – not fishy with nice semi springy texture. Very tasty. A must-try.

Sang kee congee, hong kong 01

Total cost HKD140 I think. Wandered in randomly as lots of customers. Didn't realise till later but crab and fish porridge were recommended in my little book of where to eat in HK.

生記粥品專家 Sang Kee Congee Shop
上環畢街7-9號地下 G/F, 7-9 Burd Street, Sheung Wan
Mon-Sat 6:30-21:00 (closed Sundays)
From Sheung Wan MTR, exit A2.

Wong Chi Kee

Pig liver and kidney porridge – heavily blended rice but porridge was tasty and no seasonings needed.

Fried sauce noodles and Wonton noodles – so-so only, difficult to impress after Mak's.

Wong Chi Kee

Not rushing back to try again.

黃枝記粥麵店 Wong Chi Kee
赤鱲角機場2號客運大廈翔天廊6P051舖 Shop 6P051, Hong Kong Airport, Passenger Terminal 2, Chek Lap Kok

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