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Hi Again!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hi again, this is our first proper post (not from our storage of backlogs) since starting our holiday. We just came back from a week’s trip in Hong Kong and another week in Taiwan so you’ll have to forgive us if the food reviews are very short as 1) there wasn’t a lot of time and 2) we’re on holiday after all! (currently in Malaysia.)

hong kong 01

We decided to subdivide the food we ate into separate categories of 1) Dim sum, 2) Rice and noodles, 3) Seafood, 4) Desserts, 5) Islands of Macau, Cheung Chau and Lamma.

hong kong 04

From my understanding, HK people tend to eat a simple-ish breakfast usually of either porridge or sandwiches followed by a heavier meal of noodles or rice dishes for lunch. Dim sum starts early for breakfast and lasts till lunch or sometimes tea-time usually. Anyway we ended up eating breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner then dessert later.

hong kong 1

The PigPig will then write a further itinerary regarding what we did in more detail later.

hong kong 02

NB. While the PigPig did her usual research of where to eat over the internet, we’re also heavily indebted to my mum for fishing out a booklet published by the Hong Kong Tourism Board entitled “Eat Your Way Around Hong Kong” (seriously awesome title).

hong kong 2

PS. If anything I wrote above or over the next few HK posts are inaccurate, wrong or simply complete and utter rubbish, do let us know =)

hong kong 03

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