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Food in Macau, Cheung Chau & Lamma Island

Monday, 19 April 2010

澳門 Macau

Macau was a Portuguese colony and in 1999, it became one of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China, the other being Hong Kong. It is the world's most densely populated place to live in and is well known as Asia's largest destination for gambling. The food in Macau consists of a blend of Chinese and Portugese cuisines, so you'll see lots of restaurants serving food like Galinha à portuguesa (Portuguese chicken), Galinha à africana (African chicken), Bacalhau. Other popular food include Portuguese egg tarts (pastéis de natas), pork chop buns and steamed milk (Yee Shun Milk Company originated from Macau).

Hong Kong to Macau ferry
Ferry from Shun Tak Centre (above Sheung Wan MTR station) located at Hong Kong Island to Macau.

Portugese egg tart
Had our first Portugese egg tart from this stall at the foot St Paul Ruins. It was so good I had to buy more from Koi Kei.

Pastelaria Koi Kei

Portugese egg tart – very good, not too sweet, had caramel glaze on top. Pastry crunchier than normal puff pastry while custard denser than usual. Kept two pieces extra to see how it is after ten hours and still felt fresh crunchy pastry. Completely different from versions found in Malaysian supermarkets. Best thing we ate in Macau.

Portugese egg tart Koi Kei

Bought back loads of other stuff for presents such as almond cookies, peanut candies. Stores are everywhere in Macau and they also have an outlet in Hong Kong. We bought our stuff in the one near St Paul Ruins and it also seemed the biggest. The store also gave out loads of free taste-tests which kept me and dad happy while the ladies shopped.

koi kei , Macau

钜记饼家 Pastelaria Koi Kei
Official website
List of shops

Seng Cheong

Located in Taipa, which is an island south of Macau. It is the location of Macau's International Airport and is accessible via three bridges.

Seng Cheong, Taipa, Macau 01

水蟹粥 Crab porridge – signature dish. Very sweet natural taste but crab quite small, lots of roe floating in porridge. Small bowl fed 4 easily.

Seng Cheong, Taipa, Macau 02

Seng Cheong, Taipa, Macau 03

金沙大蝦 Salted egg yolk cheese prawns – strong tasting sauce masked natural prawn flavour, cheese taste not very obvious (in a good way). HKD60 per prawn. Okay only, had better.

酥炸鯪魚球 Fish ball
– good bounce tasty lots of fish flavour.

Seng Cheong, Taipa, Macau 04

Total cost HKD460.

誠昌飯店 Seng Cheong
澳門氹仔官也街28-30號 28 - 30 Rua Do Cunha, Taipa
About 15 mins by cab from Senado Square

Cafe Tai Lei

Tai Lei, Taipa, Macau 02

豬扒包 Pork chop bun – better than the one filmed in Korean F4 series. Tasty pork, bit fatty, generous portions. Weirdly got bone, quite big too. Group of HK people we shared table with for lunch (Seng Cheong) also came here for the bun (we got lost and stumbled upon this place and only bought a bun because there were so many happy looking people eating). Quite good but still prefer the one at Yee Shun.

Tai Lei, Taipa, Macau 01

大利來記咖啡室 Cafe Tai Lei
澳門氹仔巴波沙總督街18號地下 18 Rua Governador Tamagnini Banbosa R/C, Taipa

macau 2
Pork chop bun at a store near St Paul Ruins. Tried this because there was a crowd and later found out that it was the store featured in the Korean drama "Boys over Flowers". Looks better than it tastes.

長洲 Cheung Chau

Island day tour 02

We landed on this island to walk around as it’s a famous tourist spot and is commonly seen on the HK television shows. Although it's named 'long island', it is a small dumbbell-shaped island that has no cars except for small motorised trucks termed "Village vehicles" such as mini-fire engines, ambulances and police cars. People go around on foot or bicycles. Cheung Chau is a very picturesque island offering sandy beaches, traditional Chinese culture and fresh seafood. Anyway what we didn’t expect was an island full of tourists on a Saturday as well as tons of hawkers selling amazing looking food, many of which evoked childhood memories of my parents and their cousins.

Cheung Chau 05

碗仔糕 rice pudding with red beans - it actually wasn’t very sweet and relied on the red beans for flavour. Eat this and you won't be able to sample other stuff. Not a huge fan.

Cheung Chau 03

糖葱餅 Traditional candy and coconut wrap - Candy wafers with shredded coconut wrapped in a lightly salted popiah skin (a soft, thin paper-like crepe). A must-try.

Cheung Chau 04

Grilled squid – pure awesomeness. Was happily chewing on the sliced up bits.

Cheung Chau 01

More curry fish balls and potato crisps on a stick.

Cheung Chau 06
PS she's just a random girl holding a stick of potato crisps. A little boy in our group munched down 3/4 of the stick before I could get a picture.

雞屎藤 Gai si tang – literally “chicken shit vine”, it’s actually glutinous rice balls made from a plant named gai si tang, Paederia scandens . Texture like mochi, tasted as boring as the name was weird.

Cheung Chau 02

Many restaurants along the beach front selling fresh seafood from the glass cases in front.

cheung chau seafood
Mantis prawn, lobster.

Also many shops near the ferry pier selling all sorts of underwater creatures in a dried form to be used in traditional Chinese herbal broths.

cheung chau seafood 2
Starfish, seahorse

Dried seahorse

南丫島 Lamma Island

Row full of seafood restaurants upon landing at the ferry site. We arrvied just in time for dinner, and no time for exploring.

Lamma island

Lamma island fresh seafood
Fresh abalones and a "peeing" geoduck.

Mantis prawns with garlic – very fresh and sweet, a bit tricky to open up but well worth the effort. Lots of roe.

Tai Yuen, Lamma island 02

Fried calamari – soft not chewy.

Grilled squid with wasabi and soya sauce dip – something new, bit chewier than the calamari but still tasty. A must-try.

Tai Yuen, Lamma island 03

Steamed fresh abalone with soya sauce – fresh, don't have the normal strong taste, softer texture and not chewy.

Tai Yuen, Lamma island 01

Steamed scallops with fried garlic and vermicelli noodles – quite sweet and not overcooked but not much different to ones had in Royal China although probably fresher here.

Steamed fish (green garoupa) – not overcooked and the flesh is sweet, firm and succulent.

Tai Yuen, Lamma island 04

Total cost HKD2000 for 13 people (all dishes above including a plate of sweet and sour pork and fried rice). Not a bad price considering the amount of seafood, all fresh and picked from the tanks in front of the restaurant. Rainbow Seafood restaurant is the popular restaurant in Sok Kwu Wan; however my aunt prefers Tai Yuen to Rainbow.

泰苑海鮮魚翅酒家 Tai Yuen Shark's Fin Restaurant
南丫島索罟灣第一街15號地下 15 First Street, Sok Kwu Wan (Tel: 2982 8386)

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