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Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Tim Ho Wan has become the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant and the man behind this is Mak Pui Gor, the Four Seasons Hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant Lung King Heen. He decided to branch out on his own and offer his dishes at bargain prices during the economic crisis.

tim ho wan dimsum, hong kong 01

Must tries:

酥皮焗叉燒包 Polo char siew pau – awesome combination of polo pau and char siew pau meant the sweetness of the char siew filling was further highlighted by the sweet crusty topping of the bun. Perhaps the singular best thing eaten in Hong Kong for me.

tim ho wan dimsum, hong kong 06

糯米雞 Glue rice – rice itself was tasty enough but the lotus leaf flavour very strong and made the dish even more aromatic. Surprisingly large portion but most of the meat provided was quite lean pork. Disappointingly no lap cheong.

tim ho wan dimsum, hong kong 02

柱侯蒸鹿根 Deer tendon with yam – very tasty dish; the tendon was more soft and gooey than chewy.

tim ho wan dimsum, hong kong 03

杞子桂花糕 Osmanthus jelly with goji berries – first time we tried this type of dessert. The osmanthus had a similar smell to jasmine or chrysanthemum and gave the jelly a lovely fragrance while the goji added some natural sweetness. Was really nice and we kept a lookout for this in other shops.

tim ho wan dimsum, hong kong 13

Ate many other things but will be far too much to describe them all here. Suffice to say all was good to very good but the three dishes above were spectacular.

tim ho wan dimsum, hong kong 14

Total cost HKD260 to fill up 5 hungry people, very affordable for such good food. Cheapest Michelin eats?

tim ho wan dimsum, hong kong 15
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Unfortunately, we waited 1 hour and our party of 5 had to split into 3+2 to get inside quicker. Very small restaurant with less than 30 covers and people were sat elbow to elbow. Still probably well worth a visit.

添好運點心專門店 Tim Ho Wan, the Dim-Sum Specialists
旺角廣華街2-20號翠園大樓2期地下8號舖 Shop 8, Taui Yuen Mansion Phase 2, 2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok.

Some may say this place serves the best dimsum in Hong Kong. We went at 11.30 before the crowd appeared. Lots of variety and dishes still served on push carts reminiscent of old-school dim sum parlours.

Maxim's Palace dimsum, hong kong 05

The highlights:

羅蔔糕 Steamed turnip cake – have eaten lots of turnip cake before but never steamed like this. Picture’s a bit misleading as there is a pool of soya sauce on top but underneath that is a deep bowl full of tasty turnip paste and some chunks of turnip too as well as diced lap cheong. Really interesting and tasty but filling dish.

Maxim's Palace dimsum, hong kong 11

韭菜餃 Steamed chives dumpling

Maxim's Palace dimsum, hong kong 09

魷魚條Cuttlefish tentacles – chewy and very tasty, makes a really good snack.

Maxim's Palace dimsum, hong kong 10

黑椒牛仔骨 Black pepper beef – amazingly tender and super tasty.

Maxim's Palace dimsum, hong kong 17

The not-so-good:

酥皮焗叉燒包 Polo char siew pau – not as nice as Tim Ho Wan’s, skin not crusty enough. But the filling was really tasty. 流沙包 Liquid custard bun - the salted egg yolk taste was too strong. 豆腐花 tofu pudding – supposed to be very good (based on parents memory of a meal eaten 30 years ago!) but was rough today. Very disappointing. Three of us ordered and nobody finished.

Maxim's Palace dimsum, hong kong 23

Total cost HKD1000 for five. Overall pretty good and reasonably tasty with fast service and nice atmosphere but foodwise, Tim Ho Wan was superior.

Maxim's Palace dimsum, hong kong 20
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Maxim's Palace dimsum, hong kong 19
The queue when we left.

大會堂美心皇宮 City Hall Maxim's Palace
中環愛丁堡廣場5-7號大會堂低座3樓 City Hall 2/F Lower Block, 5-7 Edinburgh Place, Central.

Dim sum only slightly above average, everything was good but not amazing so I’m not going to talk much about it.

The highlights:

百花脆皮腸 Rice roll with fried stuffings. 荷葉飯 Rice in lotus leaf. Mango pudding.

Fook Lam Moon dimsum, hong kong 12

Total cost HKD1337 (I didn’t make this up) after 10% discount for HSBC card for six people, which I thought was the most overpriced meal I had in HK.

Fook Lam Moon dimsum, hong kong 13
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Lots of big shots come here though; on my way out there was an assortment of chauffeur driven Maybachs, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces waiting for their bosses to finish entertaining business guests.

福臨門 Fook Lam Moon
灣仔莊士敦道35-45號利文樓地下3號舖 Shop 3, G/F, Newman House, 35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai.

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