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Hare & Tortoise Mini Review, [London Cheap Eats]

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Reviewed by The Wild Boar

Hare and tortoise, London 1

Dragon roll’ – a maki containing prawn tempura. It was not bad (can’t really go wrong with a fried prawn in the middle), but the rice was a bit disappointing and broke apart quite easily.Tastety nonetheless.

Hare and tortoise, London 2

Chive & shrimp gyoza’ – a bit below average. The pastry is decent but the filling was a bit sparse and lacked sufficient taste.

Hare and tortoise, London 4

Curry laksa’ – pure awesomeness. Better than most stalls in Malaysia (where it originates from), this slightly spicy but very creamy soup is very well flavoured. The soup has a lot of santan (coconut milk) which may be too much for people not accustomed to it though.

Hare and tortoise, London 3

Miso ramen’ – below average. A Westernized ramen dish, this wasn’t my cup of tea as the soup stock seemed a bit bland after the curry laksa.

Hare and tortoise, London 7

Singapore rice noodles’ – good. Although it lacked “wok hei” (hard to translate, but approximately: the taste and smell cooked food gets from being cooked in a very hot wok), the taste was still pretty good overall.

Hare and tortoise, London 6

Unagi don’ – good. The unagi was quite good and had a nice melt-in-your-mouth texture but flavoured a tad too strongly.

Hare and tortoise, London 5

Total cost: £10 each including green tea for all.

While the quality isn’t the highest around, the quantity of the food and general taste is well worth the price. It’s also pretty damn popular and the Kensington branch we visited had quite a large queue.

Would I eat here again? For the curry laksa!

PS The prawn noodles at the Bloomsbury branch is really good. Not sure why but they only serve prawn noodles at the Bloomsbury branch, not sure about the other branches as we've only been to these two.

Hare & Tortoise
West Kensington
373 Kensington High St
Kensington, W14 8QZ
Tel: +44(020) 7603 8887

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