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The Best Steak in Town?! Hawksmoor, London [Restaurant Review]

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Reviewed by The Wild Boar

Hawksmoor, london 01

I love eating steak yet for some reason or other Hawksmoor has been on my to-eat list rather than my had-eaten list for many moons. Suffice to say, this is a steak restaurant that is highly rated by both critics and bloggers alike and I won’t go into more details really.

Hawksmoor, london 02

Half dozen oysters with sausages Victorian style. We tried this at our waitress’ recommendation as it was something new to the menu; apparently pairing oysters with cocktail sausages was a Victorian trend, who knew? Unfortunately, I wasn’t convinced by the pairing as the naturally briny oysters (good though they were) had a clash of heads with the salty cocktail sausages.

Hawksmoor, london 03

And without further ado, we moved onto the main event of the day…

Hawksmoor, london 04

We elected to have 900g of Bone-in Prime Rib and another 700g of Porterhouse steaks to share between the three of us. The meat itself was well seasoned with salt and cooked exactly how I like it – charred slightly on the outside but oh so pink and juicy in the middle. I was surprised by just how tender the steaks were although the prime rib piece was especially tender, almost akin to eating beef-tasting butter that had a little bit of a bite. Flavour-wise, it was awesome just eating the beef with just a slap of mustard, Gods I loved it so much.

Hawksmoor, london 08

Hawksmoor, london 10

For the sides we shared Triple Cooked Chips and Macaroni Cheese, both of them done quite well. The PigPig in particular loved the mac & cheese while I found the home made tomato ketchup refreshing.

Hawksmoor, london 07

Hawksmoor, london sides

Hawksmoor, london 06

I was extremely full by this point but the PigPig insisted on some sweets so we tried the Rhubarb Trifle and the Sticky Toffee Pudding. The former was quite interesting as well as being lighter than the usual heavy custard found in traditional trifles. Likewise, the sticky toffee pudding was lighter as well, being more akin to a slightly heavy sponge cake with lots of sticky treacle around the edges. I found both dishes pretty good although I was more interested in the red velvet cake my brother had kindly brought for me.

Hawksmoor, london 12

Hawksmoor, london 11

Altogether, the bill came up to £188 for the three of us including a £40 bottle of wine. I was more than a little surprised that I had paid £60/head but we did share 1.6kg of meat between the three of us and we were extremely satisfied.

Food – 7.5
Service – 6.0
Atmosphere – 6.5
Value – 5.0

Best steak house in London? Well, I still need to try Goodman’s but on this showing it’ll be tough to trump Hawksmoor.

Best bit: the cows.
Worst bit: the price tag was a bit of a shock.

PS. Yeah it’s quite short and abrupt, but this restaurant has been done to death on the London food blogging circle already anyway.

157 Commercial St
Tower Hamlets, E1 6BJ
Official website

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