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The Best Macarons?! Pierre Herme in London

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Reviewed by The Wild Boar


I am somewhat of a noob when it comes to macarons but the general feeling I got is that Ladurée had the best ones in London. However, back in native Paris, naturally the competition was a fair bit tougher with Pierre Hermé having his fair share of fans as well. During our dinner at Alain Ducasse’s, we were complimenting the manager on the store’s macarons and he replied that while he is obviously proud of them, his personal favourite are from Pierre Hermé.


So when Catty blogged about Pierre Hermé having a counter at Selfridges, there was never a doubt that the wife would be insisting on a trip there. From a selection of about 12 different flavours on offer, we chose 7 to sample for a total cost of £14.


From left to right, they are rose, strawberry & wasabi, matcha & black sesame, milk chocolate & passion fruit, strawberry & balsamic vinegar, quince & rose, dark chocolate & blackcurrant.


The first thing we noticed is that they look amazing. Secondly, they smelled as good as they looked and each macaron had its own distinct smell depending on the flavour. Taking a bite, the macaron’s shell offered scanty resistance before breaking apart to yield the lovely center filling; an incredibly light pastry.

Flavour-wise, the ones we sampled were all pretty good and the main elements are all quite obvious (except the wasabi, thankfully, it would’ve been quite weird if it was too strong). I think personal taste will dictate which macaron flavour you enjoy more; personally I found matcha & black sesame the awesomest.


Pierre Hermé, London
Foodhall, Ground Floor, Selfridges
400 Oxford Street

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