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Kebabs @ Cafe Helen, London [Restaurant Review]

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Reviewed by The Wild Boar

As I had mentioned previously, I used to live around Paddington in university days. On the way home from a night out, I’ll be sitting on the double-decker bus, gazing out the window while gently aiming the comatose PigPig’s head away from me in case of any emergencies. Anyway, as the bus passes by Edgware Road, I am always treated to the sight of a queue outside a certain kebab shop. Admittedly there isn’t always a great deal of variety at 3.30am and drunk people don’t have the best judgements, but it’s still quite impressive.

cafe helen, london 01

I opted for a large lamb shawarma while the PigPig and her sister shared a mix chicken and lamb shawarma. While waiting for the doners to be ready, a (very) friendly Iraqi man was making small chat with me and in no time at all, we were ready to eat. I usually eat while walking, but since it was quite empty we settled down on some bar stools near the back to dig in.

cafe helen, london 02

cafe helen, london 03

cafe helen, london 04
Remember to ask for extra chili sauce!

The large versions were indeed very large, stuffed to the brim with lots of thin slices of meat and some lettuce and tomatoes. The meat itself was greasy, oily and pretty tasty to eat, just what I look out for in a doner. Obviously though, you can’t expect fillet quality from what is essentially processed leftover meat, but it felt pretty good compared to other shops. Nice additions are the pickles, and the chilli sauce is pretty damn tasty, although I would have preferred more of it.

cafe helen, london 05

At £7 and £8 a piece for a large lamb and mixed kebab, they were pretty pricey compared to other stalls (and there are loads around Edgware Road). Yet the three of us were very filled up and it worked up to £5 each.

cafe helen, london 06

Food – 5.0
Service – 5.0
Atmosphere – 1.0
Value – 4.0

Ok let’s face it, it’s not a culinary masterpiece nor is it going to be the most amazing food you’ll eat. But in the world of kebabs, it’s definitely one of the better ones.

Would I eat here again? The next craving I get.

PS. In case you have no idea what I’ve been jabbering on about, see here for enlightenment.

PPS. Best kebab I ever had? In Berlin, near the hostel I stayed at a place called Rosenthaler Platz, mainly because it used thick focaccia rather the usual pitta bread. So good we ate there every night for a pre-sleep snack, 3 nights in a row.


Cafe Helen
105A Edgware Road
W2 2HX

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