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A Room in the Town, Edinburgh

Friday, 27 November 2009

Reviewed by The Wild Boar

sst giles cathedral edinburgh
St Giles' cathedral, Edinburgh

A room in the town, edinburgh 01

A room in the town, edinburgh 02

Haggis, neeps & tatties with a glayva syrup – first haggis I’ve tried, but the more experienced PigPig and my good friend the Suckling Pig both gave this a thumb’s up although they were a bit miserly with the sauce. In case the name doesn’t make any sense, neeps = turnips, tatties = potatoes, glayva = a whiskey liqueur.

A room in the town, edinburgh 03

Lamb, mint & pinenut patties with coriander & cucumber yoghurt – perhaps not a typical Scottish dish but they did a fairly good job with this. The patties could have used a bit more seasoning though. (Pigpig: I thought the patties were a bit dry.)

A room in the town, edinburgh 04

Confit duck legs with pickled red cabbage, port & roast shallot jus – a very good, if not particularly imaginative rendition of a dish I had in Prague. The skin was nice and crispy while the duck meat was tender, juicy and went well with the slightly sweet picked cabbage.

A room in the town, edinburgh 07

Pan seared pheasant breasts on merguez sausage, fig & haricot bean casserole – the PigPig’s choice, the meat was a bit dry and tough and the fig and bean casserole with its tomato base was a bit too sharp for my liking. (Pigpig: I enjoyed the bean casserole.)

A room in the town, edinburgh 05

Cumin roasted pumpkin tart with a sharp plum tomato & ginger chutney - completely forgot about this at first and the PigPig needed to remind me to add this in! I'm not a big fan of vegetarian mains and this had no chance of changing my mind; the tomato base was too sharp and completely overpowered the pumpkin taste. Poor effort.

A room in the town, edinburgh 06

Steak of the day – fillet with mushroom sauce and coconut rice – best main dish of the night. Although a fillet cut isn’t my preferred cut (I prefer a bit more fat on the meat), this one was cooked perfectly pink and still remained quite juicy. The rich coconut rice helped somewhat with the beef’s low fat content. (Pigpig: everything was really tasty esp the mushrooms and coconut rice. I kept attacking this dish instead of my rather dry pheasant.)

A room in the town, edinburgh 08

Banoffee pie – a simply brilliant pudding, the main body was quite light which was sweetened mainly by the toffee at the bottom. The only complaint was from the girls as we guys finished it too quickly!

A room in the town, edinburgh 09

Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce & double cream – while the taste is there, the texture was a bit lacking as it wasn’t as sticky as it should be. Also the double cream seemed a bit light, it was more like single cream.

A room in the town, edinburgh 10

Altogether, the bill came up to about £30 each including a bottle of rather disappointing red pinot noir.

Food – 6.5
Service – 6.5
Atmosphere – 5.0
Value – 5.0

Pretty good food, if not anything particularly special.

Would I eat here again? I think I’ll like to try someplace else instead if I were to visit Edinburgh again.

PS. Forgot to mention that it was a fully booked night we were there and we got the last table available for the evening. Also there are another two "rooms" in and nearby Edinburgh so they're obviously doing well.

A Room in the Town
18 Howe St
Tel: +44 (0)131 225 8204
Official website

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