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Anstruther Fish Bar, Scotland - Best in Britain?! [Restaurant Review]

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Reviewed by The Wild Boar

We went on a three day long weekend trip to Edinburgh so the next few posts will be Edinburgh related.

anstruther fish bar 01

At our friend’s insistence, we were dragged up to the village of Anstruther to have fish and chips after our visit to St Andrews (home of golf apparently). He had it previously and claimed it was amazing, a view backed up by the chippy winning several awards, most recently UK Seafish Fish & Chip Shop of the Year 2008/09.

anstruther fish bar 02

In fact, this fish bar even has its own road signboard as we made our way into town.

anstruther fish bar 05

Anyway to make things simple the four of us shared three haddock and chips. The meal set included drinks as well as bread and butter (which I found rather odd, is this a ‘normal’ thing? I don’t know).

anstruther fish bar 03

The fish seemed fresh enough; not a surprise as they source the fish themselves, as they used to be in the fishing and supplying business prior to buying the chippy in 2003. The batter was also pretty good and light and was actually quite tasty. The chips however seemed a little on the oily side and there was a noticeable oil slick at the end of the meal.

anstruther fish bar 04

Altogether, the bill came up to around £25 for three fried haddock and chip meals.

Food – 5.5
Service – 6.0
Atmosphere – 5.0
Value – 5.0

Is it the best fish and chips I’ve had? No, this is actually pretty good, but that prestige (if any) belongs to Rick Stein’s. Only complaints are that it’s a bit oily, and no home made tartare sauce.

Would I eat here again? Not too sure about travelling 1.5 hours from Edinburgh all the way out there just to eat fish and chips.

Anstruther Fish Bar
42-44 Shore Street
KY10 3AQ
Tel: +44 01333 310518
Official website

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