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Our Honeymoon - Bali Part II - Villa Ylang Ylang [Travel]

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I'm finally posting pictures of our honeymoon after 3 months! For those who have missed our wedding, you can read about it here, and here for part I of our honeymoon (pictures of the awesome villa!).

So here are some pictures of what we did and the food we had at the villa. We spent most of our time in the pool and relaxing in the villa, not to forget the Balinese massages we had too. As for food, we just told the manager or chef what we wanted and they would try their best to accommodate us. We were served lots of snacks and fruit platters throughout the day!

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang swimming

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang rest 21

Day 1 - dinner at the villa. We were given a menu and we had to choose the dishes we wanted beforehand so they could do the grocery shopping. Foods and beverages were charged based on grocery cost system. We paid for the ingredients at cost price so it was really cheap and the quality was surprisingly good. To be honest, the food at the villa was way better than what we had outside the villa and that's the reason why we ate in 2 nights out of 3.

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 09

Tom yum soup

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 01

Pomelo salad with prawns

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 02

Fried rice

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 03

Gado-gado - salad with peanut sauce

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 04

Beef rendang

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 05

Satay - ordered pork and beef. Unsure what we got. One of it tasted like chicken.

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 06

Satay lilit - fish paste on sugar cane sticks

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 07

Ayam bakar kampung - grilled chicken, served with super spicy belacan

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 08

Laksa - spicy noodle soup

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 10

Dessert 1 - supposed to be cendol - totally unlike the normal Malaysian cendol which normally has shaved ice, palm sugar, coconut milk and green jelly. It was just sago with coconut milk and it was warm.

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 11

Dessert 2 - bubur hitam (black rice dessert) - was burnt. We were wondering if the burnt taste was normal and some people suggested the local style was to add coffee to make it so. A friend interrogated the cook later and he apologised for burning our food haha. The cook made up by making some more the next day.

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 12

The pigpig KO after having too much food.

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang after food 19

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food after food

Day 3 - dinner at the villa again. I suffered from severe food poisoning on Day 3 and had to miss out my lobster meal! These pictures were provided by the suckling pig...sob sob...We ate out on day 2 and will be posting about the meal that might have poisoned me.

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 14

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 17

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 15

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 13

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 16

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang food 18

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23 oink oinks...:

tigerfish said...

How do I eat the Tom Yum soup from that very deep bowl ? ;p

Reeni♥ said...

Gorgeous pictures and amazing food! I'm sorry your were poisoned!

Christelle said...

Woooow the food looks truly amazing!!
And yes, you have given it justice with beautiful photos! :)

Leslie said...

ohhhh no..I cant believe you got so sick! That stinks!

Selba said...

Interesting to know that the satay lilit is on sugar cane sticks, coz' as I understand, it usually is lemongrass.

Ah... too bad that you food poisoning, probably, it's not the food but the drinks?

Bits of Taste said...

Hey! These is so lovely... look like those food on the table... very tempting!

Hummingbird Appetite said...

the food looks incredible. I'm so sorry you got food poisoning!

Jenn said...

Delicious food. I'm sorry you got food poisoning. That's never fun.

burpandslurp said...

Urgh, food poisoning? You poor thing! Too bad you had to miss out on lobster. I had some lobster pasta today and it was GOOD. Ok, sorry, that was totally rubbing it in your face.
on the brighter note, everything is SO drool-worthy...i recognize all the food, and they are so deliciously familiar to me! Oh I miss these local foods sooo much!

Pearl said...

beautiful photos, but so sorry to hear that you got food poisoning!

Margaret said...

How amazing and so beautiful too.
It has been lovely looking at all of your fabulous photographs. Thank you.

Tangled Noodle said...

Everything looks soooo good but the dish I'd dive into first would be the beef rendang! I want to stay at this resort!! The photo of you collapsed would be me after a meal like this.

I'm sorry to hear that you got food poisoning - it's awful when that happens during vacation. The same thing hit my husband and mother when we went to El Nido, Philippines. They both got sick (we suspect from spicy crab b/c it was the only dish I didn't eat!) the last evening we were there so I spent our final day in paradise nursing them. At least it was a beautiful setting . . . 8-P

♥peachkins♥ said...

That looks like a little heaven right there!
I'd love to try all those dishes! I am super curious about the fish paste in sugarcane sticks...

5 Star Foodie said...

So many delicious foods to try here! I'm sorry though that you got food poisoning.

lisaiscooking said...

All of the dishes look fantastic! The salads and soup and fried rice photos are making me hungry. So sorry you were ill and missed the lobster meal.

mina said...

WOW, looks heavenly!! take care and i hope your food poisoning was light and short. congratulations. (:

Olga said...

My favorite photos are of you and your husband on the couches: so cool!

Other than getting sick, sounds like an amazing time.

Marta said...

Again, how lucky you are to have gone there!
Thanks for sharing your memories and those gogeous photos!!!

figtree said...

Wow What great pics..I dont remember eating such delicious treats on my wedding escape!!Figtreeapps

noobcook said...

beautiful photos! make me so hungry :P I love the shot of you KO after having too much food, so artistic :D

Gera @ SweetsFoods said...

What a food spread in a beautiful place!! I don't know which I want more :)

Sorry to hear that you were poisoned very bad luck in your honeymoon :(
….and still looking your gorgeous photos!!!



Jo said...

Looked like you guys had a great time "pigging out" as well. Haha. By the way do you know it's torturous to put your fellow bloggers through this .. I mean the pictures cause it's making me drool for sure!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow I think I will get lost with food, so awesome!

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