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Our Honeymoon - Bali Part I - Villa Ylang Ylang [Travel]

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Just realised it's our 3 months anniversary! I thought it's about time I post something about our wonderful honeymoon. Yes, I know it's a bit late, but I had a hard time choosing which photos to post. There are a lot of pictures in this post, so I'll keep the words as short as possible.

If you missed our wedding, you can read about it here. As many of you know, we are Malaysians currently living in the UK. We only took 3 and a half weeks off for our wedding back in Malaysia, so we wanted a short honeymoon and preferably somewhere near home. It was a 'group honeymoon' with our friends in Bali, Indonesia - not very romantic with so many people, but it was definitely a very fun and memorable honeymoon!

We stayed at Villa Ylang Ylang - the most amazing part of our honeymoon. It was a beachfront 6 bedroom villa located at Saba Bai - a deserted stretch of black sand beach in Sanur. It was located in the middle of nowhere, quite far from the main tourists attractions but that didn't bother us much. It was very peaceful and quiet and the villa itself was so amazing we spent most our time chilling in the villa. We were basically living like queens and kings served by a group of very helpful and attentive staffs - a full-time manager, a trained cook, villa attendants, security guards, a garderner and a pool attendant.

The main entrance of the villa.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 2

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 1

View of the villa from the beach. The villa is comprised of a central, two-storey living and dining pavilion. The pavilion faces the garden and swimming pool, which is flanked by six bedrooms (3 on each side). The entire villa has surround sound system so pretty soon we replaced the default music provided with our iPods (Jason Mraz was played a lot!)

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 3

View of the beach.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 4

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 5

Now for a tour inside the villa. The ground floor of the pavilion comprised of the living room, dining area, kitchen and the studio (home theater).

The dining area.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 6

A corridor.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 00

The kitchen.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 7

Staircase leading up to the second floor.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 8

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 9

The timber floored gallery on the second floor. Didn't do much here actually, just had massages.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 10

View of the living room from upstairs.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 11

Massage and spa treatment area with cushions.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 12

A daybed on a balcony overlooking the garden and pool.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 13

View of the garden from the balcony.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 14

View of the bedrooms from the balcony.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 15

Handing in the dinner request + more food for tea now please because we're damn hungry!
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 16

Back to the ground floor. The dining area overlooking the garden and pool.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 17

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 18

A mini-jacuzzi. Each side of the villa had one.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 05

The mini-gym with sauna
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 19

The bedrooms and the pool.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 20

Our bedroom.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 21

The bathtub in our room. The wild boar sat here for 15mins with the tap running at full blast and there was only enough water to cover his foot.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 22

A twin bedroom.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 23

The shower in the twin bedroom. There were 4 double bedrooms and 2 twin bedrooms. The twin bedrooms only have showers, no bathtub.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 24

Some photos of the villa at night.

The main entrance.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 25

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 26

The garden.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 27

Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 30

Our bathtub.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang32

Dinner table.
Bali Villa Ylang Ylang 29

To be continued...I'll be posting pictures of what we did and the food we had!

PS. Some pictures are provided by the suckling pig (one of our eating companions and part-time hand model on this blog).

Read part II----------> here.

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Wild Boar said...

I wanna go back~~

Deeba @Passionate About Baking said...

AW how sweet Wild Boar is. OINK OINK!! Great pictures. LOVED them. You had such a beautiful time. The place is gorgeous & can imagine the fun you had with your gang of friends. Loved the corridor, the front, the bedrooms, the kitchen...EVERYTHING!!Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories & pictures!

Jamie said...

Wow what a gorgeous place! I bet it was so much fun AND romantic! Congrats on getting married :-)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, what a splendid place! Dreamlike!



KennyT said...

I think Bali is a great place for honeymoon, well done Wild Boar, haha!!

Jenn said...

Wow... wonderful photos. I'm in need of a vacation. =) Congrats on three months!!

Leela said...

(Green with envy) -- I'm leaving for Asia soon and this makes me even more eager to go. The place looks wonderful and I can imagine how great the food must be around there. Can't wait for the second part. Happy 3 month anniversary.

Hummingbird Appetite said...

that place looks like heaven.

burpandslurp said...

wow man! Am I in heaven? How are you EVER gonna be able to live that place?

Selba said...

Bali is like paradise, ya? ;)

I've been to Bali many times but never visited Sanur area.

I can't wait for more about your story and pictures in Bali :)

5 Star Foodie said...

I was so excited about your wedding posts and forgot to ask about the honeymoon! Thanks for sharing this - what a beautiful place and can't wait to read more!

Food For Tots said...

A place looks like heaven to me! Excellent shots! Looking forward for your next post. ;:

Tangled Noodle said...

I had to come look at these first before going back and catching up on all of your posts that I've missed recently. This place is incredible! Your photos are stunning - now I can't shake the images.

Happy Three-Months Anniversary! 8-D

Christine said...

Wow, what a beautiful place!
Living in this villa is just like living in a palace.
Congrats to you!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a stunning resort! It looks luxurious (and suitably so for a honeymoon :) )

Melissa said...

Wow! Everything looks so beautiful! Sound like you really enjoyed it. :)

Robin Sue said...

What a dreamy place to be for your honeymoon! Sigh- I miss my honeymoon now.

yAnn said...

Oh this looks lovely!

Marta said...

congratulations on the monthaversary!
and thanks for sharing those lovely photos of your honey moon, it made me want to go on a trip sooo badly!!!

lisaiscooking said...

What a beautiful villa! Can't wait to see more photos of your stay.

catty said...

This blog is SO cute! I love it, and your honeymoon looked sooo good :)

Justine said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I'm jealous!

Soma said...

what a pristine place. like a retreat! so beautiful. thanks for sharing..

Elra said...

You make me miss my village now .... I am Balinese and just there last summer. Staying in the villa is much better then staying in five stars hotels. And it also much cheaper. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of food they make for you? Balinese?

Girl Japan: April Marie Claire said...

Fab, fab, fab Honeymoon!!!!! I moved my site to a new domain, moved to a new condo... so sorry I have not been by recently = )

The Little Teochew said...

Ah, a newly-wed! Congrats, even though it was 3mths ago ;P Lovely wedding and honeymoon pics!! Gorgeous! I'm envious ;) LOL.

Didn't know you are from KL. You must have enjoyed the food whilst you were back :D

Big Boys Oven said...

every corner seems to be a kingdom to be! :)

Anncoo said...

Just looking at your Wedding and Honeymoon pictures~~So Romantic~~

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