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Food Festival at Hampton Court Palace Part II

Friday, 29 May 2009

We went for a food festival at the Hampton Court Palace last weekend and here are some interesting stuff that I found. If you missed part I, you can read it here. For part II, I'll be focusing on some yummy sweet finds!


Look who I spotted! Flourpowercity Bakery from Borough Market! And of course, I went straight there and asked to sample their famous brownies...yum yum!

I also sampled their banana cake which was very moist and bananaey...very good too. I am definitely going back to Borough market for more brownies and banana cake. I asked the lady what they meant by 'twice baked' but she wasn't sure.

Awesome puddings. The puddings were so moist and delicious. Love the ginger flavour.

Lots of ice-cream stands that day. Ice-cream from this stall is made with sheep's milk and consists of less than 2.5g of fat and under 75 cals per 100ml! It's low fat so don't expect too much, it wasn't as creamy as the full fat ones of course. Not my kind of ice-cream =P

Yummy chocolates! Love the white chocolate with berries. Wish I bought some!


Huge and colourful cocoa beans! Didn't know they look like this.

Huge cookies!

Vegan bakery selling fruit and seed loafs. The bread was very dense and moist, not too sweet but I thought it was a bit on the doughy side. Not a big fan. But the flavours sound really interesting.



Another stall selling healthy cakes made with spelt flour.

Flavoured coffee beans. The smell was so strong I could smell it from a few stalls away. They have very interesting flavours like tiramisu, Irish cream, maple walnut, banoffee, cookies & cream, strawberries & cream...yum yum! I was there for quite awhile smelling those wonderful aromas until the wild boar dragged me away.

Chinese tea leaves.

A whisky brand call the pig's nose. It's suppose to be as smooth as the pig's nose.

A lot of people were walking around holding mojitos. We got one too, very refreshing on a hot and sunny day.

They even have a stall selling natural skin care products.

So that's the end of our day at the food festival! I've only shown a fraction of the many stalls. We were so full and contented after sampling all the yummy foods. Enjoyed it very much and will definitely attend more of these food festivals in the future!

Read part I here.

18 oink oinks...:

Jenn said... much of a selection to pick and choose from. It's always fun to try the sample. =) Thanks for sharing. Nice photos, too!

I want one of those mojitos right now. LOL.

Chef E said...

Oh My! I do not think I will be able to sleep now, after seeing all those varieties of breads! I have some serious baking in front of me :) I wish we had more festivals and bigger farmers markets in my area like this one...

burpandslurp said...

oh my gOD! I thinks I'm in heaven, with all those wonderful baked goods! how did you restrain yourself from buying and devouring everything in sight? YUM!!!
and I think twice-baked means exactly that...they baked it once, then cut it and bake it again to "crunchify" it like a biscotti!

My Asian Kitchen said...

so much foods! I thought Hampton in Long Island when I see your title!! I wonder how come I didn't know Hampton have Food Fair!! silly me!! lol!

KennyT said...

I hope we have those markets in HK

pigpigscorner said...

Jenn: Sampling free foods is always fun =) We were eyeing other people's mojitos for awhile before getting ours =P

Elizabeth: I know! The flavour combo is amazing.

Sophia: I sampled so many of the bake goods, I thought it's enough! But then I regret it when I got home! I wanted more!! Yea, I Was wondering why baked twice, but then the cake was really moist and not crunchy. I'll drop by Borough market one day to find out =P

My Asian Kitchen: Opps I should have clarified that =P

Kenny: You have lots of glorious foods in HK!!

tigerfish said...

Twice baked? Similar to Twice Cooked concept in Chinese cooking? ;p

5 Star Foodie said...

The baked goods, pastries, and chocolates all sound excellent! What a great event!

Elra said...

Wow, what a fun festival... that cocoa fruits are beautiful. I used to work in a cocoa plantation company in Indonesia, so I am very familiar with the fruit and the bean. Do you know when you open this cocoa fruit,there is the white flesh inside that wrap the bean, you can eat it too.
Anyway, all of those baking treats look pretty unique, especially the beet root and pumpkin bread. I love beet root so much, I might just try to create bread using both of those ingredients. Thanks for sharing Ann, I enjoy the tour.

Marta said...

Thanks for taking us along to the festival as well!!! They would have had to remove me by force from the stand with the spelt-sugarless breads!!! I just adore that "health food store" stuff! hahaha
Yes, the Twice baked concept is intreaging, especially since you said it was moist. I'd have thought the moitness goes away after the first bake!

Dawn said...

I would be in heaven there! Oh the diversity of foods and flavors. Man! Love it.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Those cookies were huge, one of that must be packed with calories. Hmmm...I wonder what is the taste of cake made with no sugar? Did you sample those? How was it?

pigpigscorner said...

tigerfish: Yeap! Twice cooked is always better isn't it. Just wondering what sort of twice cooked method they used.

Natasha: I had so much fun sampling all the sweet stuff =)

Elra: I didn't know that! Thanks for the info. I love chocolates but never knew how they were made. The combi is interesting right! Can't wait to see your creation! It's always interesting to learn how people pair up their ingredients.

Marta: I always find health food stores interesting as I always wonder what they use as subs and how the taste would be. I'm dying to know what the twice bake means! And yes, it was really moist!

Dawn: I went crazy for awhile =P

Little Corner of Mine: I know! That's why I restrained myself from buying one, it looked like 3 cookies in 1! I think they use sugar sub like agave nectar or some sort. I quite like the level of sweetness as it's not overly sweet like most cakes.

Hilary said...

I had no idea there was a food festival at Hampton Court. Looks like a great day, and the weather was so wonderful that weekend! I too love Flourpower's brownies - yum.

the caked crusader said...

Wish I'd gone! For some reason I didn't know it was on. Great photos

pigpigscorner said...

Hilary, the caked crusader: I saw it on the Metro and the wild boar saw it on the Times. The entry was 2 for 1 so we thought we'd give it a try!

Margaret said...

Looks like a great food festival.
I haven't heard anything of Alan Coxon for ages -he doesn't seem to be on TV any more.

pigpigscorner said...

Yeap it was really good, the range of foods that they have is amazing. I've never heard of Alan Coxon actually, but his products are good.

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