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A Week Ago - My Valentine's Day @ The Borough Market Part II

Sunday, 22 February 2009

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day. My Valentine's day started off with a brief visit to the Borough Market located in the heart of London. Apparently, it is one of the largest food market in the world. On Saturday, I posted part I of my brief Borough Market tour. Today, I will finish off my post with some delicious food we had and not to forget the scrummy sweets!

Spanish smoked panceta with paprika, Brindisa. Such wonderful flavours but I was too busy taking pictures and totally forgot to buy one!

Borough Market37

The Veggie Table that sells hot, vegetarian food made using fresh, local produce. Not a big fan of veg so I didn't bother going near, apparently they sell amazing gluten-free veggie burgers. Here is an interview with the people who runs the Veggie Table if you are interested. I love the name, Veggie Table...vege-table..get it? Actually, the wild boar pointed that out to me, I was too blur to even realise...hehe

Borough Market18

Yummy looking stuffed mushrooms.

Borough Market33

More mushrooms...mushroom pâté, hand made with organic mushrooms from Pâté Moi. Sampled some and loved it, the flavour of mushrooms was very intense. The wild boar did not enjoy it as it was too mushroomy for him.

Borough Market34

Richard Haward's oysters. Very fresh and delicious with just lemon and Tabasco. They often have very long queues, so you won't miss it.

Borough Market19

Meat Pies from Sillfield Farm store. They specialise in wild boar, rare breed pigs, Herdwick sheep and pedigree poultry. They sell a wonderful range of meats, sausages, bacons, pies...

Borough Market20

A long queue outside Baxter's for their burgers. The wild boar loves their wild boar sausage burger, but too bad, they ran out of it that day.

Borough Market21

So, he went for the ostrich sausage burger instead.

Borough Market22

It was very peppery and tasty but a bit dry as compared to the venison steak burger we had before this. Try the venison burger if you have a chance, it was very juicy and delicious! I was too busy eating the burger and forgot about pictures =P

Borough Market23

Grilled cheese sandwiches! Look at that amount of I have to say more? Yum yum!

Borough Market29

The Raclette cheese being heated under a special machine. Just look at that bubbling cheese...

Borough Market30

He then scraped the melted cheese over a plate of potatoes and gherkins.

Borough Market31

Borough Market32

The famous Flour Power City Bakery.

Borough Market36

Their brownies are to die for. Very chocolatey and fudgy. Another must try.

Borough Market28

Portugese egg tart and other yummy pastries.

Borough Market17

A lady cutting an apple pie for us to sample.

Borough Market35

Little pots of youghurt and mousse.

Borough Market27

Some handmade chocolate truffles.

Borough Market24

Biscuits for your valentine!

Borough Market25

And finally, yummy cakes to end my brief tour of the Borough Market.

Borough Market26

I hope you enjoyed this. Here is a detailed location map of traders, cafés, pubs and restaurants around the market. As you can see there are more than 150 of them and what I have shown is only a fraction of what Borough Market offers. Do drop by if you have a chance, you won't be disappointed!

Read part I here.

Borough Market
8 Southwark Street
Official website

Opening times:
Thursdays: 11am to 5pm
Fridays: 12pm to 6pm
Saturdays: 9am - 4pm

53 oink oinks...:

Sara said...

Everything looks amazing, especially those brownies and cheese sandwiches!

Food For Tots said...

Wow! What a "super-delicious" tour! I luv all of them. Looks so tempting and irrestible esp those yummy cakes and pastries.

lisaiscooking said...

What a fabulous market; I'm very jealous!

Pam said...

I love a good street market - this one looks incredible.

5 Star Foodie said...

I just found out we'll be going to London in April. I hope we will have time to visit this fabulous market!

Maria said...

How fun! I love going to markets! This one looks amazing!

noble pig said...

Geez this place is totally amazing. I would have went bezerk there.

mikky said...

such an exciting place to be... i can spend the whole day there!!! :)

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

I cant believe I've never visited this place in all the times I've been to London!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I would love to go visit this kind of market, very fun!

The Caked Crusader said...

I am lucky as I get to visit Borough Mkt most weeks. I love the smell when you walk past the raclette stall - it's like a wall of cheese assailing your nostrils!

pigpigscorner said...

Sara: Love those too! A grilled cheese sandwich followed by a brownie...yum yum!

Food For Tots: I really enjoyed the sweet stuff! What a way to spend a day huh!

Lisa: I'm jealous of Londoners too...should have gone there every week when I was still living there!

Pam: This is one of the best markets I've been to!

5 Star Foodie: This should be on the top of your list! I really hope you have time for this market, you will enjoy it!

Maria: This market is really amazing! I would love to go there every week if I can!

noble pig: Haha...I know you would.

mikky: I would love to camp there =P

Marc: aww...there's always next time and DON'T MISS IT AGAIN =P

Little Corner of Mine: Yeap I enjoyed it a lot!

The Caked Crusader: ahhh...lucky you! I was there for quite awhile salivating over the melted cheese until the wild boar shooed me.

Val said...

I'm horribly jealous that you live within shopping distance of all this GREAT food!!!

Thank you for the links to the market & some vendors. I'll have a grand time browsing & hoping some can be shipped to the US. YUMMY!!! ;o}

Anonymous said...

WOW, thanks for the detailed post, I know what I will be getting there this weekend!

janetching said...

Hi Ann, Great pictures and thanks for your natvigation. I hope the weather will be dry on Thurs, looking forward to it.

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Although the Ostrich was dry, I'd loved to have just tried it once. I've never seen it available anywhere! Hehe I also saw the Veggie Table when I was there but the vegetable reference totally passed me by too lol

Selba said...

So interesting and I really enjoy looking at all these pictures in here :)

Love cheese!!! hehehe...

Just Cook It said...

Looks great. I haven't been for ages but the photos bring it all back

Jo said...

Oh my, I'm just gawking at your pictures of food, food and more food. I can simply go "wild" here.

Joan Nova said...

Lucky you...looks like a food lover's paradise!

Olga said...

this is my 3rd attempt to leave a comment ;) Hope it works.

The photos are wonderful! I almost feel like you took me on a journey to the market: too bad I can't smell or taste the food ;)

Rita said...

OMG, I never saw a stack of brownies! But the melted cheese is what won my heart...

duodishes said...

It's difficult to not want to try everything...especially the brownies. And meat pies!

Reeni♥ said...

That slab of melty cheese going down over the potatoes!!! I can't stop looking at it! That pile of brownies! I want to try one of everything. You'd have to roll me home. I was trying to leave you a comment last night and the comment form was being quite stubborn!

Jules said...

Wonderful report. I wish we had something like Borough Market in the Midlands. I feel a visit to London coming on!

Marysol said...

I've never had ostrich sausage, but I'd never turn down anything that looks that good. Ditto for the Raclette.
And, is it legal to expose such a huge stack of brownies for the world to drool over like that?

Wow, what an experience!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Oh wow. I've never seen cheese melted like that before. And the pile of cheese sandwiches. And pies. I love meat pies.

pigpigscorner said...

Val: How I wish I live near the market too! It's an hr away from us =( and I am jealous of the hypermarkets you have in the US! prob.

Janet: No problem! I wish I could be there on Thurs too! Enjoy yourself!

Lorraine: I think it's worth trying because it's really tasty. I'm surprised you can't get it in Aus, since you meats like kangaroo...would love to try that =P

Selba: That's the place to go if you love cheese! They have soooo many cheese stalls!

Just Cook It: I haven't been there for awhile too but It's nice to go back once in awhile =) and i miss it even more after moving out of London.

Jo: may consider camping there !

Joan Nova: It sure is!

Olga: Sorry about that. I've been having problems with Blogger lately. First the post doesn't appear, and now the comment box...sigh...I hope I won't have any more trouble.

Glad you like the post =)

Rita: I have another picture showing an even higher stack of brownies! haha...everyone loves melted cheese!

duodishes: Luckily I had the wild boar to stop me from buying everything =P

Reeni: I was at the stall for quite awhile staring at the melted cheese...ahha..Sorry about that, hope it doesn't happen again =(

Jules: Thanks =) You should go to London just for the market!

Marysol: Legal or not, I will still post it! It's worth sharing!

Wandering Chopsticks: It's a pity we didn't get to try the meat pies. I will get one when we next visit the market!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing these great pictures with us! Everything looks fantastic! A great market!



c+j said...

I was there on Valentine's day too. But in the afternoon getting supplies for dinner and it was packed! I love Borough market, such a feast for all the senses. I have to say although the Flour Power brownies are good, I prefer the ones from the cake stall in your last pic. At least I think it's that one :)

Bunny said...

I love the pictures of your visit to the market they're wonderful! I want to go!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a terrific tour of the market. I love street markets and would not have been able to resist taking home a couple of the chicken and ham pies in that gorgeous pastry along with the chocolate truffles. Your are very fortunate to be able to visit such a gorgeous market.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen today.

Katherine Aucoin said...

Oh how I would love to visit this market. It is absolutely wonderful! Your pictures make feel as though I am there.

Soma said...

what an incredible place. Those brownies are to die for!

Joie de vivre said...

You must have been in foodie heaven!

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing all these delicious treats! Everything looks yummy but i want one of those meat pies!

Vera said...

Looks like a wonderful place to visit!

Venus ~ Vi said...

Gosh, that sandwich looks soooo yummy!!! I always enjoy seeing pictures of markets and yours are so inviting!

Anette said...

What a fantastic market! I would have loved to have a walk around. Did the shout their good offers? Thats uncommon to do in Norway, but I hear it when I go to the market in my husbands English hometown Rotherham.

pigpigscorner said...

Rosa: No problem =) It's a great market.

c+j: What a coincidence! I've never tried brownies from the cake stall! That was one of the last stalls we walked past and we were all too stuffed to eat anything. Will keep that in mind! Thanks =)

Bunny: Thank you! You should drop by if you have a chance!

Sam: Thanks for stopping by too! I love markets, I wish I could go there every week!

Katherine Aucoin: It is a wonderful market. Glad you liked the pictures =)

Soma: I'm missing the brownies already =P

Joie de vivre: hehe I was. Enjoyed every bit of it.

Sharon: No problem. It's a pity we didn't try the meat pies! Will get one the next time.

Vera: Yes it is! Would love to go back soon!

Venus ~ Vi: Thanks for stopping by =) Glad you like the pictures! It was fun!

Anette: haha nop, they were all busy with hungry

Robin Sue said...

Oh I do miss markets like this one. The mushrooms look fantastic. And that cheese over the potatoes and pickles, be still my heart! And that tower of brownies! Thanks for sharing the tour, I felt like I was there, just a little.

Ben said...

I love markets! I wish we had anything like that in this part of the world :( Great pictures!

Chris said...

Oh, I miss Borough Market! Of everything we experienced in London, that was definitely in the top ten!

Maggie said...

That raclette! With the potatoes and pickles!! I could stare at those shots for an hour, really wonderful captures.

KC said...

You've given me such a good look at the market. Thanks. I'm definitely visiting it the next time I'm in London.

Girl Japan said...

Oh my gosh, do I ever miss going to the market, I sure do, your fotos are fabulous as well, look at all the good eats... whoohoo!

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

What a wonderful market! I'm so jealous! Thanks for sharing your great pics. Now, I'm too hungry to work! ;)

Tartelette said...

Wow! What a great market! I miss the European markets so is nice but nothing, oh nothing compared to this!!
Happy belated Birthday!

Natashya said...

What a great market! So much to see and buy. Thanks for sharing it with us.

pigpigscorner said...

Robin Sue: I'm missing the market already =) Glad you liked my brief tour.

Ben: Thank you! You have lots of wonderful hypermarkets in your part of the world =P

Chris: The market is definitely in my top ten too!

Maggie: Thank you. I was there for quite awhile staring at those melted cheese....yum yum

KC: Yes! It's worth a visit and you won't be disappointed!

Girl Japan: haha thank you...I have to restrict myself to only sampling the food.

Susan: hehe...glad you enjoy the pictures =)

Tartelette: Thanks for the birthday wishes! Grass is always greener on the other side =P

Natashya: It is a great market! I was so tempted to buy everything there!

Kevin said...

Just look at all of the amazing food!

mycookinghut said...

I like Borough market but sometimes just think it's a bit too expensive. But, once in a while, I don't mind to shop for fresh ingredients for special occasions!

pigpigscorner said...

Kevin: yeap, all the food is amazing!

mycookinghut: I agree with you, the price of parma ham and chorizo was twice the price of what I can get from Sains. But you get good quality stuff at Borough.

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