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~Guide to Restaurant Food Ratings~

Saturday, 2 August 2008

10 = Awesome, your purpose on this planet is finished after this meal
8 = As expected of a Michelin starred restaurant
7 = Better than most
6 = All round good quality food
5 = As expected of good but cheap food
4 = Nothing special, just ok
3 = Bad
1 = Gut wrenchingly terrible

Value is obviously subjective, but approximately a score of 5 translates into something like "You pay for what you get", 1 is "Total rip-off" and 10 would be "I think I'm now a thief". Factors such as food quality, ingredients, location, Michelin stars all play a part in this. I'm going along the basis that a good quality meal in London is approximately 30 including a drink in a non-Michelin starred restaurant.

Oh, and just in case nobody noticed so far, the * in the restaurant title refers to the number of Michelin stars it holds at time of writing. So * = 1 Michelin star, *** = 3 Michelin stars.

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