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Tasty Toasties for Lunch!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

My love for toasties began when I had my first chilli, cheese, chicken (triple C) toasty after prep when I was in boarding school. Her sambal chilli was to die for. After that, I had either triple C or chilli, cheese, mushroom toasty for prep almost every other day. I think it was her toasties that started the trend, almost everyone in college owned a toasty maker. We started making our own toasties and one of my favourites was chocolate and banana toasty. Milk & white chocolate too...yum! We stopped making those now since my fiancé thinks they are fattening. Our current favourites are ham & cheese + korean hot pepper paste, peanut butter & strawberry jam!
  • Main ingredient: slices of white bread.
  • Equipment: toasty maker
  • Others: totally up to you!

  • Korean hot pepper paste a.k.a. kochujang normally used in bibimbap (a famous korean rice dish), stew and soup. We wanted something spicy and ran out of sambal at that time, so we thought we'd give this a try. Ham and cheese goes amazingly well with this hot pepper paste and we've never used sambal ever since.

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