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Tandoori Chicken

Thursday, 15 May 2008

I tend to order this dish whenever I see other people eating it in a restaurant cause it looks so yummy. But I regret it everytime I take the first bite because it's normally quite dry. I just never learn! Found a pack of MAGGI® Tandoori Chicken MIX in the kitchen one day...don't ask me why. So I thought I'd give it another chance. Turned out surprisingly moist and tasty! I even crave for it every now and then.


  • 1 packet MAGGI® Tandoori Chicken Mix
  • 500-700g chicken joints (remove skin, cut 2-3 slits on meat surface)
  • 1 bottle (100g) Danone Actimel yogurt drink
  • 2 tsps oil


  • Marinate chicken with MAGGI® Tandoori Chicken Mix and yogurt for at least 1 hr (better overnight).
  • Spread oil over chicken and broil in oven until slightly burnt.
  • Flip chicken over and continue broiling until slightly burnt.
  • Serve with rice.

  • Instead of using natural yogurt, I used sweetened yogurt drink mainly because I didn't have natural yogurt in the fridge at that time. The closest I could find was this yogurt drink which at that point, I was addicted to, so I had loads in the fridge. I guess you could substitute it with any sweetened yogurt. I have yet to try it with natural yogurt. But I quite like the sweetness from the yogurt drink.

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