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Steamed Salmon with Leaf Mustard

Friday, 23 May 2008

Canned salted leaf mustard, a type of vegetable that I actually enjoy eating. I learnt about this ingredient many years ago when I was still living with my grandmother. My aunt used to cook leaf mustard soup with lean pork for her kids. Just pour the whole can of leaf mustard together with its liquid in a pot, add a bit of lean pork and water, simmer until pork is cooked and voilà - a very easy yet tasty soup! And this is a must-have accompaniment to porridge. Since Jeff doesn't like to drink clear soup and we don't really eat porridge, I have to think of ways to incorporate this can of goodness into my cooking. I like the salty, sweet and sour flavours that it carries, so to not lose its flavours, steaming is the best option.


  • ~500g Salmon
  • 1 canned salted leaf mustard (net wt 145g, drain wt 90g)- sliced (keep liquid in can)
  • 1 handful gei-chi
  • 1 chilli – sliced (optional)


  • Lay salmon in a bowl.
  • Pour liquid in can and sliced leaf mustard on salmon.
  • Sprinkle gei-chi on salmon.
  • Add chilli.
  • Cover and steam over high heat for about 20 mins.
  • This can of leaf mustard is what I normally eat in Malaysia. I can't find this brand here and I've tried a few different brands which don't seem to taste quite the same so I used to carry many cans back from Malaysia. But it's really a pain to bring so many cans back and there's a limited amount that I can bring back, so I've settled for a Thai product. Can't really remember the name of the brand but I know there's a picture of a pigeon on it. Jeff says it's the Pigeon brand...hmm...
  • Using chilli in this dish was actually Jeff's idea. He said it'll look nice in pictures cause it adds a bit of colour. The green chilli actually went really well the dish! We loved it.

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